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firstly, i made a new tip on how to make pumpkin spice cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting on @trash-tips! you should check it out because the cupcakes are delicious and i actually want to make them again because i'm craving them again but i'm too lazy haha

i went into lush the other day because who walks past lush and not go in? but anyways, i went into lush and went kind of crazy and bought five bath bombs and two lip scrubs. i haven't used them yet, but i'm wanting to use the honey bee flavor tonight and light some candles because i just feel like relaxing and that but every time i think about doing that, then school comes into my mind ugh. so i'm rather going to do it like on friday night when the weekend is coming up because school isn't on my mind a lot on friday nights and saturday. 

ok so i have a tag to do and this was stolen from @kristen-gregory-sexy-sports-babe because it looked fun and because i'm really bored lol

name: yesim
simple or magazine sets?: simple
fav color: blue and green 
a few of your good friends on this site: @end-of-the-day, @dr0ps-of-jup1ter, @dont-go-to-sleep, @d-isappear, @adventures-at-neverland, @samiikins and @heart-is-beating-loud 
dog or cat: kitty kat 
rant about anything: when people know they're skinny but they go around telling other people that they're fat. if you know you're skinny and you go around telling people that you're fat when you know you're not? excuse me but you're just fishing for compliments. 
inspos: @feels-like-snow-in-september @dreams-take-place-in-outer-space 
what do you prefer? collab or hack: hack
mood rn: feeling like a whale because i ate a lot today haha
fav animal : snow leopard 
lastly fav song atm: same old love by selena gomez yes yes yes 

i tag whoever wants to do this because idek who to tag rn aha. same @kristen-gregory-sexy-sports-babe lol 

i'll see you in my next set then :) 

comment your favorite cupcake if you read all of this. mine is my mum's red velvet cupcake 

- yesim ♡
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