let you go::the rocket summer
aasgjaskdfjaf why do i love them so?
so, i just had an interesting conversation.
it was filled with self-reflection and realization. 
reading on would be cool.
if not, that's cool too.
well, this morning, i was on the bus. 
and this cute kid asked if he could sit next to me,
and i said sure, go ahead.
he asked if i remembered him and i said no, sorry, i didnt.
but after a while and talking to him it finally struck me who he was.
and i was like holy jesus max?
{*background info* max was adrian's best friend. adrian was my eighth grade boyfriend (<-lol) who moved to NEW JERSEY}
la de da, long story short, it was max.
we talked for a long time, got reacquainted. 
i ditched my friends for him and we sat in a-wing talking about everything. eventually he just looked at me and said "you've changed."
which, you know, isn't always the thing you want to hear.
so, being my sly, stubble self, i said "what the hell does that mean?" (lord, i'm so damn classy)
and he just laughed and shook his head and told me to look at myself.
he said he missed when my eyes didn't look so over-done. 
he said he missed when my hair was brown.
the only thing he didn't miss were my "hobo" clothes. (i.e. sweats and ratty tee shirts)
at first i was piss.ed, like who the hell are you to tell me this sh.it about myself? 
but then i thought about it. and he was right. 
i do wear too much eye make-up.
my hair isn't that cute blond. 
but i had so many problems and horrible things happen to me.
i wanted to look in the mirror and never have to see that girl again.
not because she was ugly, but because she reminded me of the past.
so now i don't know. do i go back to my natural self?
or do i still keep pretending my memories never happened? 
i'm not quite sure, but if you read all of this, i'll be sure to keep you posted.
love, danielle.
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three comments

Wrote 6 years ago
he seems very cool.
and i agree with elizabeth. do whatever feels right for you.

Wrote 6 years ago
he's definitely not your average sophomore guy.

Wrote 6 years ago
max seems like an awesome kiddo. :O


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every song has an ending, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the music.

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