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Calliope Lynae Carmichael {eighteen}
Likes- lace, Valentino, sugar cookies, ribbon, strawberry lemonade, skirts, clutches, pearls, pale pink lip gloss, Nicholas Sparks books, romantic movies, Chanel, braids, Michael Buble
Dislikes- corsets, dirt, disorganized book shelves, eating outside, beer, clingy clothing, obnoxious boys, being in the middle, skinny jeans, soup, metal
Bio - True to her name, Calliope is a beautiful girl who does not go unnoticed. Her sisters are all naturally flawless as well, but Calliope was different because she was never in the middle of everything like the rest of them. Calliope was the middle daughter, stuck between the oldest and the youngest daughters, and never felt quite right amongst them. She was the farthest from a typical social outcast, but in her own home she felt out of place, even when her mother Viktoria chose her for many of her test shots during prestigious photo shoots. People always complimented Calliope on her looks and the way she held herself, saying she was this or that above the others. Maybe it was all true, but Calliope still always drifted off to the side at parties or special events, preferring to be alone than on the front page of the local news with her parents and sisters. Calliope is the girl-next-door of the Carmichaels, and there is a reason for that. Certainly not something that would ever surface, because Viktoria and Brad only want what is best. And best meaning, kept a secret. Calliope can only take so many pills to make it stop, but bipolar disorder does not always listen to medical assistance. 
Model- Frida Gustavsson 

Hey it's Calliope... Ready for another boring year I guess. You all know I'm not really into the spotlight.
xx Calliope

[SO since they're all sisters and already know each other, please comment what you think our characters should be toward each other! Remember her sisters don't know that she is bipolar, only parents, but I'm sure if you want to cause drama someone could find out... Let me know! <3]
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