I'm caught in a gaze, panic for a minute got my brain in a daze...

name; mariah wintour
age; twenty five
job; field agent
bio; mariah comes from a marine corps family so it wasn’t much of a surprise when she became a field agent. she’s fluent in both portuguese and spanish, can read lips and even knows morse code something that her father taught her. her father was found dead and unrecognizable so they had to use dental records when she was eighteen. everyone loves to work with mariah because of her dedication to her job and her infectious personality. she’s very talented when it comes to undercover work and was just recently partnered up with eric, a liaison officer. everyone knows that eric has a pretty big crush on her but she just doesn’t see it. will she ever open her eyes and see that the next best thing just might be next to her?
dating status; single and oblivious about eric
looks; nina dobrev
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