ok so i need your help to help me figure this out.. 

So i went up to my cousin's house like 2 weeks ago (lets say his name is James) and it was James' birthday, so he had a bonfire. He had some of his friends over: (let's say) Joe, Brandon, Bill, and Peter)
also he invited over some stupid girls (lets say) Sara and Susie. so Joe, sara and susie went up in James' tree house (which is ok cos i didnt like them!! lol) so it was just me Brandon, Bill, and Peter, sitting around the bonfire for awhile and me and Brandon hit it off (ok so before i get too far into the story i brought my friend Bethany with me) he was talking to me the whole night and laughing alot and stuff then everyone else but Brandon left. So it was just James, Beth, Brandon and Me around the fire. We talked until like 1 am. and then we went star tipping (look it up if ya dont know it. lol) then he had to leave. so then we were talking again and he wanted to hangout with us again tomorrow. so brandon left and the 3 of us watched a movie and fell asleep. Next day at like 6 or 7 pm James, Beth and I met up with Brandon and went fishing. We went fishing until it got dark so like 2 hours. so then Brandon said he had to leave so we hugged and left. 
Then James, Beth and I watched another movie (wedding crashers!! :) ) and Beth got Brandons number from James, and Beth was trying to get Brandon to text this "random number" (mine lol) but naturally he didnt. then he texted Beth saying he wanted to meet up with us before we left back home. so we said ok. and we fell asleep. 
NExt morning at 6 am we wake up and Text Brandon and he wants to meet us at the gas station. so we try to wake up James but hes not havin it. so we r like fine! and we leave. We walk to the gas station and hes there and we talk for a little bit but he has to go to physical therapy for his shoulder so we hugged again and he left. 
we walk back to the house and there is nobody there. James is golfing, his step mom and dad are at work. and only his step brother (lets say) Jack is there. Beth and I r exhausted cos we got shiiiiiity sleep.. and all of a sudden theres a knock at the door and fricken Jack goes to get the door. Its Brandon. Naturally Brandon didnt want to ask for Beth and me so he asked jack if James was there. Jack said No, and Brandon said oh ok.. see ya.. and he left. :( 
Like 20 mins later Beth and I left for home. 
So i texted him and we talked for a couple days straight. ok? so then all of a sudden he stops texting me... like just stops... He hasnt texted me for a week, I really like Brandon and Beth said she thinks he likes me and She said he was being super flirty the whole time i was around and i dont know whats going on!!! Someone please help me figure out what the fudge is going on!!! 
A little about Brandon: 
-He's really cute.. :) 
-He's suuuper nice
-He has a red chevy
-He has short brown hair
-He has brown eyes
-He has dimples!!!! :)
-He lives 4 hours away!!! :(
-He works alllllloooot
-He is the same age as me
-Hes not fat, he is built
-Hes a couple inches taller than me :)
-Obviosly hes single... 

Please help... im so confused...

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