OMG, I'm so late with some tags, 
I was tagged by @nyamnyam unnie in this amazing set

here are the rules:
1. Make a set for the person who tagged you and design a Valentine's Date for them; you get to choose who your poly-friend gets to go on a date with, the location, the activities, even the attire if you wish :)
2. Write a quick description or story about the date you planned
3. Tag other poly-friends so they can play cupid!
First I had to struggle a lot to find the right boy for Zsuzsi, gosh I was about to pick Soohyun (now I'm such a hard shipper of these two ^_^') but unnie has already got him so I chose Henry just because he's a cutie and I can imagine you two walking late at night under the city lights, just walking quietly saying nothing but being happy and enjoying each other's presence. He'd sing you a song and drag you to one of those stalls with food on the streets, then he'd give you some kind of present he picked by himself and you two would end up by going to a place where you can admire a nice view (a high place ^_^) 
ok, so that's it sorry for the lame description but I'm going to sleep now 

I was just talking with my mom and sister and they were like "I just hope you haven't scared Zsuzsi"
me: Scare her? why would i?
mom "Oh, come on! you know you're such a weird person, you misplace people"
me: "weird?"
mom and sister staring intensely ay me: "yeah, weird!"
me: "I'm not...*catching their gazes* ok, but just a little bit, you should have scared her too, you're weird too"
mom: we?
sister: ok mom, let's accept it, we're kinda weird.
me: *laughs*
mom: I just hope I won't scare Minho.
sister and I: "Minho?" 
mom: "YEAH, when the time to meet him comes, I don't want to scare my son in law" 
sister and I: lol "mom stop being sooo cute"
me: mom, please don't scare AJ or else he won't marry me.
mom: "I'll scare him on propose then so I can have Minho as son in law, I'll scare whoever you bring that is not Minho" 
me: "ok, then I'll just introduce you Minho T_T"

hahahaha and that's the kind of things we talk about when we're bored, mom just ranked my biases:
1. Minho
2. AJ
3. Dongwoon
 as for my sister:
1. Dongwoon
2. AJ
3. Minho
as for me? I'm not sure but I still have time to figure it out lol I guess i'll go and meet them in dreams, things will be clearer that way 

before leaving I'll tag someone tho....
mmm sorry if I always tag the same people... I just want to make sure you'll make the tags lol i'm joking
if you don't want to you don't have to 
@hellounicorn (because I love your sets)
@aurora-zg (I'm curious unnie)
@dinoburger (your sets are AMAZING!)
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