I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li
Listen to this song, reminds me of Germany, it's o good!

Right, so on Wednesday we went to Dachau concentration camp. Obviously not a very chipper day but it was still really interesting.
In the evening we went bowling. I was in a group with Ben actually, and he kept trying to make me laugh. He succeeded, obviously, as he always does. Highlights of Wednesday were:
"Got the handicap back on"
When (Ben's best friend) James rolled the ball so slowly it stopped half way down the aisle. He threw another to knock it out the way but then that one got stuck. The man who owned the bowling alley had to come and get it for us.
The 'shoe trade in' - if you want to keep the bowling shoes, only THEN do you hand your own ones in. This is something Ben came up with because we found it weird that you don't have to hand your own shoes in like you do in Britain.
The guy at the bar when I was buying the cokes. I dropped the euro note (Kim caught it, no worries) so he pressed the coins into my hand - slightly weird but wtf.
When I was sat in the cafe alone waiting for Kim and Laura to come back and some random middle aged man left a heart decoration and note on my table - I couldn't tell what it said, it was in German, but it creeped me out nonetheless.
When we raved in our room to The Final Countdown because we're just that cool.
"Head count!" 
When Hannah thought she saw a man on Laura's bunk. We decided it was 'SlenderDavies'.
Me and Laura going for a jog with Jack around the hostel and those girls smiling sweetly at him then giving us the evils.

If you want to know who any of these people are, visit my blog at maddypoppy.blogspot.com - there are pictures of everyone.
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