I'm dedicating this one to Mr. West

One of the most genuine things that a human can offer in my eyes is honesty. I take pride in that. I am brutally honest no matter what. Life is not sugar coated. People sometimes wonder why? "Why did I get cheated on?" "Why was she so fake to me I thought she liked me?" "Why did they stab me in the back?" If more people were honest with each other, this world would be a much better place. That's why I like this man Kanye. He is honest. I respect him for that. With utmost sincerity.

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Wrote three years ago
she certainly isn't on my fav list. I don't get it. lo

Wrote three years ago
@cutandpaste I totally understand you. I am taking a break from him right now, not really feeling him, or the last album. After the divorce, I am sure he will be back to normal. I didnt even bother buying the album because I listened to it three times on iTunes and didnt like it. I don't particular have positive feelings for his fiancee either.

Wrote three years ago
great sets. I am undecided about him. of course most of us can only go by what is shared through the media. I would love it if this guy showed or the media showed a more humble side of his personality. and I just want to cry about how awful that music video was. SUCH a miss. they should have done the stunt instead of greenscreened it. : (


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