rose is all like fuckk this shit I don't care what show I am on. In other news I have started (by that I mean I have finished season 2 and am not heart broken) Doctor Who. Well I started like two days ago but details, I cannot handle this, rose is gone. anyone feel me? anyone understand? cause right now I can't deal. Also if for some reason you watch any of the following you should pm me at once so we can talk:
-Doctor Who 
-Sherlock (if you watch sherlock lets be best friends okay?)
-Merlin (started season one thanks to @luxecouture's cousin and havent gotten to far but whatevs)
-Game of Thrones (be warned I am horrible at remembering names and families)
-Bobs burgers
yeah if you watch MORE than one on that list lets get married kay? anyway on to the actual point of this set, my WIS intro


job/occupation: Proffessional escort/dominatrix
Zara grew up in Sector 5, her mother constantly taking diet pills or using YIQUE anti-kink straigtening cream (Have normal hair in one simple step!). Her mother always wanted better for her daughter and knew the only way that would happen is if she made her one of the prettiest girls in all of New Angeles. Zara learned to use her beauty like a whip the moment boys stopped thinking girls had cooties. Zara quickly climbed up the social ladder, having her sick twisted fun all the while. Splitting apart families, causing scandal where ever she went. Great for the YIQUE Gossip channel, but Zara isn't just a pretty face. Little did her parents know, Zara is a clever girl, she blames YIQUE for her mothers unrealistic expectations of beauty. That is why Zara joined the rebellion, she figured she could help from the insdie. zara isn't fully trusted, not that she blames the, but they keep her around because if anyone can get someone to talk its Zara.
Niall horan 
Job/occupation: student by day part of rebelion by night 
Alec Barker is the son of a political leader in a small european country, who was recently enslaved to house more YIQUE factories. Alec's father fled the country and didn't say a word about it to his boy. Alec pleaded with YIQUE that his father was insane for going against them, claiming he had always wished to live under YIQUE rule. They took this like moths to a flame, showing how 'merciful' and 'diplomatic' they could be they spared Alec, with the conditions he serve the people by completing the training he had started to become a doctor and later serve as a researcher for new YIQUE products. Alec hasitly agreed and was sent to New Angeles. Now that he is here and living in posh lands of Sector 2 (being closely monitored by YIQUE employees for any signs of hostility) he is just trying to keep his nose down and stay out of trouble. But that seems hard to do when Zara seems to take a fancy to you.


I sighed, sitting up in the bed wrapping the white sheets around me for warmth. My client was asleep in his bed only a little worse for wear, as promised. First time clients were always the most fun, he had timidly let me in stumbling over his words. It was funny to see these people of power so uncomfortable, or tied to a chair. Luckily I got to see both.
I swung my legs over the side of the bed, my bare feet hitting the cold white tile. I didn't bother with a robe, I looked around trying to figure out where I had left my clothes. After a few seconds I found them laying on a chair. It was always difficult to find your clothes when they matched litterally every piece of furniture in the house. But, white was required. 
I didn't bother putting on my intricate harness bra that I had been wearing underneath, I just slipped my dress over my head and called it good. Putting my undergarments and in my bag.
“Are you leaving?” I could tell it was my client, I pretended to arrange things in my bags.
“I'm not paid to stay, and you aren't my only client.” I said hoisting the bag over my shoulder.
Mr. --- turned beat red, I would have felt sorry for him. If he hadn't have asked me to call him daddy just hours before. He was a fat man with soft pudgy fingers that hadn't worked a day in their life, not my type at all, but I was good at faking it. Had to make the clients feel special, even when they weren't. He was only a plant manager, yeah he made a good amount of money and lived in sec 2 but I swam with the sharks not their pilot fish.
I brushed past him, quickly finding my way to the exit. I had learned early in the game know how to get out.
I made my way down the elevator to the streets of sec 2, even at night this place was dull. Not compared to places like sec 5 of course. Compared to that this place was heaven handed to you on a silver platter, but compaired to sector 1. Well nothing compared to sector 1, it was my favorite part of doing what I do.
It was also where I lived, one of my clients, we won't say who, wanted me to be close. I wasn't complaining, she paid me the big bucks for every visit and saw to all my needs. Food, clothes, entertainment. I had it pretty good if you look at it but I knew others didn't. The people of the lower sectors having to struggle for food and be forced into working for YIQUE factories. It was disgusting. What was even worse was the people of sectors 1 and 2 seemed to have delusions that they enjoyed serving YIQUE, that they had some sort of pride in what they were doing. If only they knew how deluded they were.

yay for super short but this is an intro so fucck it
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