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How's everyone? Good? Cool beans.

I've nonstop listened to Beacon. #gingerswag

this set: http://www.polyvore.com/faces_made_yesterday/set?id=58370962
has the faces I made yesterday, so you can just imagine what face I'm making at each part of my story...

So anyways. I have a LOT to tell you about the game last night.

So my friend Stormy was gonna come pick me up.
It looked like it was gonna rain, so I said I wouldn't go.

But they didn't get my message so they came and picked me up and I went anyways.

Julia, my other friend, Stormy and I rode in Mr. Stormy's mom's car and yeah.

We sat in there for a while and talked because it was raining.

Then we got out and got our tickets and stuff.

And it was just sprinkling for a little bit.

Then Julia's friend Tyler (idek him) came over and started to talk to us. awkwarddd.

I just stood there and would say things every once and a while.

We saw Kayley too, but she was hanging out with some weird people...sooo.

But then we went and hung out with Tyler's friends, might I add, I knew none of them. It was so weird because I would just stand there awkwardly.

BUT, yesterday Logan wasn't at school, he was at the game. And I saw him and we looked at each other and stuff.

It makes me wonder what he thinks of me.

anyways, so Tyler's friends are obnoxious perverts and I was just thinking, "i don't want to be here."

I get excluded easily because I don't involve myself with gross conversations.

I used to not like cussing in general, but when you're in hs you get used to it.

So, Stormy and Julia are like, "don't listen Cami!"
they treat me like a child.

At one point, we went back to Stormy's car to get an umbrella and Tyler came with us.

And Tyler cussed and Julia was like, "Don't cuss around Cami!"

and I was just like, "idgaf, let him do what he wants."

I'm not a baby.
Just because I don't cuss every twelve seconds doesn't mean I'm a child.

So, we went back and yeah, I would look different ways because I was tryna see if I saw any people I knew, but no luck.

I would see Logan look my direction though.
*sigh* I'm such a loser.

So, when we finally were entering the stadium, I saw Stephanie from algebra and these twins who are also in that class.

they were like, "come hang out with us."

and I was thinking, "anything to get away from these people."

but apparently, there's such a thing as being a forth wheel.

so I left them and went back to my other group.

And then the lightening thingy went off and we had to leave the stadium.

so now it was just me, Stormy, Julia, Tyler, Shalom (my used to be best friend, but now we never are together, so we're not really best friends anymore), Jessie (frenemies are real), and this other dude Austin I think.

We were just standing under umbrellas.

OH and Zach came over to us, he's so cool, I can't believe that Katie hates him. -__-

But anyways we just chilled there and I was weird there and I wanted to leave.

But then we could go back into the stadium, and we hung out there and it was boring because it started raining harder.

So, we ended up just leaving and running through the pouring rain.

And Stormy wanted us to go to her house and I said I would, but then I decided not to because I don't like hanging out with them and I just wanted some Nutella at that point.

It was a lame night, next time there's a game, Sam's going and I hanging out with him. idc if it's weird, I feel safe with my brother, not those girls.

So...yeah. lame night.

Okay, bye.

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Be You

Be You

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Lets live a little.

Lets live a little.

Ok people, live is far too short to worry about crap and to be sad, so this is how this is going to work. Join if you agree in life being full of happiness and fun, what's the point in life if you don't live it to the max!?
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