I'm really sorry that I didn't either reply to any of you or made any set today! I've been sort of busy helping my mom get ready for her girls night out with her best friend, watching Grey's Anatomy, catching up with some of my friends, and eating ice-cream! It's not like I'm supposed to make a set daily here in polyvore, well..at least in the rps but anyways.
I might not make any set tonight. Tomorrow? I'm not quite sure because my best friend is spending the day with me while I keep on watching Grey's Anatomy :D Right now I'm watching Season 2 Episode 12♥ I still have a long way to go, but it's totally worth it! I've also been writing a story but just for FanFiction.com(: Yes, I made an account there! I might post the link later in any set I make in this week. Have you heard Breakeven by The Script? I'm like in LOVE with that song! I can't stop listening to it, my Itunes says that I've heard it for 23 times and I got the song last night, lol! Oh, and I love Nina in that picture(:
Anyways, goodnight! I'll get on tomorrow. I love you♥

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