ll Summertime Sadness- Lana Del Ray ll 
Friday June 22: The Annual Charity Ball has arrived. This year the New Hope Rehabilitation Center is being sponsored by The Silver Rose Society. Don't miss one of the highlight events of the summer. Get your best gala outfit and make sure your date does too, since the event will be on Page Six of New York Post.
"Wow, Maxxie, you're actually going to an event for once," I smirk as I dabble a bit of cream blush onto my cheeks. It was absolutely blazing outside, and I didn't want to sweat off my makeup, and cream blush lasted longer anyways, so I think I was good for the night. 

"Shush you," He chuckles. "I do go and be social sometimes," He reminds me. 

I nod, "Of course you do," I rolled my eyes playfully, running my hands through my tousled waves. "Do you know if Matt is ready yet?" I ask. 

And just then he appears in the doorway of my bathroom, standing alongside Maxxie. "I've been ready… we've both been ready, actually," He clarifies. "Just waiting for you." 

"I'm almost done!" I squeal as I apply a pink colored Mac lipstick to my lips, then taking my 217 and blending the edges of my eyeshadow a tiny bit more. 
I set the brush into it's respectful cup, then turning towards the boys, grabbing my turquoise clutch (which matched my dress absolutely perfectly!), and smiling. "Ready!" I say. 

"Does this dress look okay? Is it gala-ey enough for tonight?" I ask them quickly, doing a 360 to show off the detailed back and to show off my sexy, tanned body. 
The dress complimented me perfectly. It's silky material was perfect for the weather, and the almost ombre affect showed off my tan. 

"It's perfect, A," Matt says putting a hand around my waist as we walk out of the bathroom and down the steps into the foyer. 

"And if anyone says anything, well screw them!" Maxxie says. 

I laugh, "Let's go," I say opening the door to my house and stepping out, sliding into the backseat of Matt's Mercedes. I'd let Maxxie take the passenger seat, I'd rather be back here anyways. 

The drive is only a few minutes and before I know it, we're at the event. 
Matt tosses his keys to the valet person as we all step out, heading into the main entrance of the gala. 

I'm nervous, to say the least. Sometimes people just don't understand the stress and pressure of the Hamptons in the first please. Sure, it's a lovely place, but everyone here is so… perfect. They always look so unreal and it's hard not to get caught up in the perfection and want to be as flawless as them. 
It's times like this I try to remind myself that I am of course worthy to be here and that I am as perfect as them… 
But usually that mantra only lasts for a few seconds. 

"After you," Matt says to me, opening the door leading to the ballroom. 

"Thanks," I say taking my steps in, Maxxie following behind me, and then Matt quickly coming in. 

"Wow," I say, looking around the ballroom. 
It was huge. Spectacular, really. 

There was a lot of people there too, and I knew instantly that all of the Hampton's society would be there, and not only that, there were millions of reporters and photographers and before I knew it, a few flashes were appearing before my eyes. A switch clicked in my mind and I allowed Matt and Maxxie to put their hands around my waist as we flashed smiles, turning in different directions as the photographers called out our names. 

I made sure to smile brightly, and position my body correctly so that the photo didn't make me look short or cut off, since I immediately knew that one of these photos would definitely be on Page Six in the New York Post and well… a lot of people read that section of the paper. 

Finally, the flashes die down and we're on our own, although I'm sure by the end of the night there will be some kind of a camera shoved into my face asking me questions, so it's not necessarily the end of the craziness. 

"Champagne?" A waiter asks me, holding out a class filled to the top with the bubbly, expensive looking gold liquid, while also balancing a tray filled with champagne flutes. 

"Yes, please!" I gush, taking the glass gladly and taking a sip of it, savoring it. 
Matt and Maxxie also take a glass and I smile at them. "See, Maxxie? I told you the champagne at these events is always the best!" I giggle. 

"Okay, I'll agree on that one," Maxxie purrs, taking a sip of the amber colored liquid. 

I giggle once again, turning to Matt then, "It ought to be an eventful night, don't you think so?" I raise an eyebrow. 

"Oh, I think so- anything's eventful when we're here!" He smiles. 

"Come on!" Maxxie chuckles. "Let's go mingle! You know, I'm starting to feel like apart of the Hamptons society already."

"Me too, Maxxie, me too." I sigh happily.
Sorry this is so short and choppy! I felt like writing but I didn't know who to include and I just had no ideas whatsoever. However if anyone wants to start drama, PM me so we can collab and plan something! I'm open to anything!
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