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Yay two top sets in a row! Thanks @polyvore! =)

Song of the day: Domino by Jessie J

Ah this amazing song was playing on Z100 all day yesterday...

So I was tagged by @luxecouture and one other person who I can't remember (sorry!), and I had a lot of fun doing this:

ABC Quiz

SWEETS - 100 Grand, Twix, Kit Kat --> nomnonom ;)
BEVERAGES - Mostly water, but I love fruit juices too (defs not soda though). Oh, and HOT CHOCOLATE!
ICE CREAM - Cookie dough --> YUMM
PERFUME - Don't wear any, but if I did, I'd try "Wonderstruck" by the one and only Taylor Swift 
FASHION ICON - Alexa Chung 
MALE SINGER - ED SHEERAN and hmm maybe John Mayer, Matt Nathanson, Olly Murs, and Jack Johnson 
FEMALE SINGER - Taylor Swift and Adele 
(Oh gosh felt the need to insert FAVORITE BAND: ONE DIRECTION!!! and The Script and We the Kings)
SONG - atm, I can't get enough of Skinny Love by Birdy (and any 1D song ;))
TV SHOW - Geez wayy too many--> Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Modern Family, PLL, etc.
ACTOR - probably Ryan Gosling 
ACTRESS - Anne Hathaway maybe? And I might as well add Rachel McAdams to the list ;)
BOOK - Ahh too many, but hmm, one of the best books that I read this year was The Help 
FLOWER - Don't really have one...
SEASON - Spring/Summer
MIDNIGHT SNACK - Forever cereal ;) (either lucky charms, frosted flakes, or cocoa krispies)

1. Who would you do a duet with? Mm I suck at singing but maybe Taylor Swift cause she just has a really fun and bubbly personality 
2. The five hottest men? I don't really think of guys in degrees of "hotness" but let's just go with the 1D boys ;) (but I just watched the Hunger Games trailer and ah love Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth)
3. The five hottest women? yeah I'd rather not say in terms of "hotness" but 5 females (and I'm gonna go with models here) who I think are just gorgeous are Frida Gustavsson, Barbara Palvin, Ginta Lapina, Sasha Pivovarova, and Constance Jablonski 
4. Is there any movie you know all the lines to? I literally used to know every single word of The Parent Trap (the Lindsay Lohan version) but now I've forgotten...
5. Saddest movie ever? The Notebook and Everybody's Fine 

THE OPPOSITE SEX (let me preface this section by saying I still consider myself quite young and am not so interested in boys atm, so I'm not really sure about all these responses haha but here it is...)
1. Tall or short? Hmm I'm kinda short so not someone who's like a foot taller than me but not short either soo someone tallish
2. What is the first physical thing you notice in the opposite sex? Hmm not so sure... maybe smile?
3. Most important physical feature: Well you know I believe in all of that "inner beauty" stuff and try not to fixate too much on physical features haha but maybe smile or eyes? 
4. Most important personality trait? Well he has to be a gentleman so kindness and stuff but also intelligence ;)
5. How can they win you over? Again, the whole gentleman appeal but also by being witty haha
6. What is your ideal date with a significant other? Not really sure yet.. something cute though haha
7. Would you ever be able to handle a long-distance situation? Probably not
8. Is there anything you won't tolerate while in a relationship? Uhm lying and cheating obviously and also being rude or hurtful 
9. Would you rather have a big or secret wedding? Not secret but something more on the small side probably

And I'll tag 10 people for now: 
@kokodelourve , @london-rose , @stylistish , @shift , @xxxcassiexxx , @hortensie, @x-sadia-x, @frenchkitty, @ruppy, @halee-dear and well anyone else who wants to do this! xx
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