Replace You - Silverstein
Thanks L, for showing me this band♥

I like this set. I dunno why.

I gotta go to Valencia for my aunt in an hour, ugh.
Why must I get ready.

LOL, Christian messaged me earlier. (Not the one I went to Newport with, the one I used to date and complain about in my old account.) He seriously thinks I still like him. Oh my God, what's air. I'm dying.

I can't stop thinking about L, oh my gosh. I fell asleep thinking about him, woke up thinking about him. ♥ I think I kinda love him.. c:

Obey sweatshirt
Loose-ish High waisted shorts
Combat boots
Black Tights
Combat Socks
Black ribbon used as belt
+ Hair- Pin up curls ♥
+ Makeup - Winged eyeliner, purple lipstick, Nars orgasm blush

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