++ Avril Lavigne - Alice (Underground) ++

Name: Cezar
Age: 18
Label: med-jack

Model: Logan Lerman
- Smart
- Calm
- Fast
- Determined
- Kind
- Loyal
- Optimistic
- Precise
- Adaptive
- Pressure doesn’t trouble him
- Curious
- A little bit naive
- Want to see the good in everybody, even when it’s not there
- Blaming himself for everything
- Overprotecting
- Can’t give up, even when the situation is hopeless
- Doesn’t has the sense of danger when it’s about his situation
- Doesn’t has great psychical strength
- Can’t watch when somebody is hurt (friend or enemy)
- Sensitive
- Stick his nose into other people’s business, trying to solve everybody’s problems
Camp: Camp Two
Cezar opened his eyes. 
Then closed and opened them again. He didn’t know, maybe he thought, if he repeats this enough times, something will change. But nothing did.
He was surrounded by darkness. 
How did he get there? 
He touched his head and stretched himself. In one thing, he was sure… 
His name is Cezar.
But nothing else. 
Not first a name, not a date, a face, a single memory. That was strange. And a little frightening. He waited for a moment, concentrating on his breathing and tried to hear some noise, or seeing something.
Nothing happened.
‘Well’ he thought, ‘I have to make the best out from his situation.’ So, he looked around again. He was standing on a metal platform in a glass tube. That was interesting. He was thinking for a moment, he couldn’t decide to touch or not touch the glass, and finally, he didn’t. But he couldn’t resist, he poked it with his boot. In that moment, he felt, he is lifted. The darkness was replaced by sunlight and he had to close his eyes to protect them from burning. 
After he got used to it, he realized that he is not alone. There were dozens of others, boys and girls, teenagers and young adults around him, also standing in glass tubes. 
They were on a field with a deep forest around them. Packs of supplies were scattered across the field in plies, before the forest. Some packs were designated by a patch: keeper, slicer, runner, bagger, med-jack, and cook. Patches? That made Cezar examine his outfit. His clothes were simple but heavy-duty. And he found what he was looking for: a patch on his jacket, what said ‘med-jack’. 
He was somebody after all. 
And belonged somewhere. 
He was one of the “mad-jacks”.
Good start.
“Cezar, the med-jack.” He said out loud, trying how it sounds. Good? Bad? Familiar? Stupid?
And then, he heard a countdown:

The count was deafening, making him more and more confused about his situation. What will he need to do, when it ends?
He needs to get in the forest. Yes. In the forest. That sounded as a good plan. 

He felt her stomach clenched, he felt excited and scared at the same time. His feet were itching to run. Cold sweat was running down o n his spine.
He knew that he needs at least two packs to survive… 

He felt like she has been trained for this… Like if every moment of that life he couldn’t remember, had leaded him here... 
He was chosen to something. But… for what? And… why now?
Is this was a punishment? Or an honor?
His questions... they were racing and spinning around his head.
He braced himself...
He forgot everything and when he had the chance, he started running, like if his life would depend on it.
And it depended.
Group: http://www.polyvore.com/forgotten_game/group.show?id=134609
@kaai I hope you like this too!
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two comments

Wrote 4 years ago
Amazing :D

Wrote 4 years ago
LOGAAN !! Perfect Set !



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