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//bad romance/the gaga//

- Name: Rue Grace
- Nickname (optional): 'The Blonde'
- Age: Seventeen
- Year & Coven: Seventh, Ventus
- From: Atlanta, Georgia
- Bio: This seductive southern bell is sleek, sexy, and mysterious. Of course the fact she is part Veela only adds to her allure. What makes Rue mysterious is the fact she appears so open, she is popular and a party girl who seems to know everyone...many "better" than others. She eats lovers and spits them out and even though they have her for a time they never truly get to know her. Rue stays away from commitment because it requires sharing one's true self that is why casual love is easy. However Rue may have gotten her-self in a bit deep with the new charms professor. Only time will tell how Rue will manage her feelings and the rumors. 
- Model: Tanya Dziahileva
- Taken By: cate-in-the-sky
- Wand: 11' Cherry
- Wand Core: Veela Hair
- Broom: Firebolt

- Skills: Defence against the dark arts.
- Skilled Quidditch Positions: Seeker
- Boggart: Herself, growing old, about to die alone.
- Patronus: Fawn


I'm Rue, a Ventus. Yeah, i don't care what house your in, if your nice, I'm nice back. Introduce yourself, i would like to be friends, but you know, if your a bitc.h, I'm a bitc.h back. 

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