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Winter Gilles (17)
Stockholm, Sweden
For a name like Winter, she sure can light up a room and most of, stir drama. Tons of it. This Scandinavian beauty is an it girl, without a doubt. She doesn’t try to get on top, she just gets there, just like how she got into the head bitches. She’s pretty, not the prettiest. Stylish, but not best dressed. However, she’s the most talked about. Winter is a mystery of her own and lures people in with charm. She’s the adorned unknown and has a secret shoved deep in her quilted Chanel bag, and in that town that has a Third Eye of its own. That mysterious secret of her is bound to be pouring out of this charming babe.
Looks: Anja Konstantinova
TAKEN: @the-clary-project


I'm Winter.

Goodbye now.

x, winter
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