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First Aid Kit - The Lion's Roar

Sorry I wasn't online yesterday, I went to my friend's house after school and we then went straight to see my school's production of Hairspray, which didn't finish until gone 10pm so I wasn't home until 10.30pm. It was worth it though to see Matt dance on stage. (My best guy friend.)

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My ten obsessions: 

1) Two Door Cinema Club
I've just been listening to them non-stop. It's amazing to listen to, like when I listen to their songs I just have to get up and jump around. (Seeing as I can't dance.) I've been trying to restrain myself though, because I don't want to get sick of it.

2) Ben.
Lets face it: I spend the majority of my waking day thinking about Ben to then fall asleep and greet him in my dreams, too. The poor guy.

3) Shopping.
I'm honestly quite worried by the fact that I'm finally joining the majority of the female population on this. Like, me and my friend were getting worried about sixth form, thinking we won't have any clothes to wear. So we started shopping. And it's getting kinda addictive.

4) Danisnotonfire.
asdfghjkl; Just cannot describe it. I love him so much.

5) Youtube. (and Youtubers.)
I actually just sit around and think about how much I want to be on Youtube. How lame is that?

6) Tumblr.
Something which I've recently got into, due to the fact that I started a blog dedicated to Danisnotonfire, another one of the obsessions. Oh dear.

7) Music.
I mean, I always have. But recently it's more and more so. Like, all the time I play music. When I wake up; when I go to bed; everything.

8) Yoghurt on cereal.
An odd thing to pick I guess. But recently I've not been having milk on my cereal. Just yoghurt. You should try it - it's so nice!

9) Sixth form.
I keep thinking about it... I'm so excited! :D

10) Nesquik.
My mum bought Nesquik like a couple weeks ago, and I can't stop drinking the stuff! It reminds me of being like, 4.

Haha, the last few were a bit dire. It's hard to think of 10 though, give me a break.

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