-sighs- bye baby @nutella-boo :* 

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Wrote three years ago
thank you @livrs
- dani

Wrote three years ago
✿▷Demi&Dani's Swaggy Taggies◁✿
✌@anons-forever1 ;Niall i love you. Nuff said :) -Demi
✌@nutella-boo ;Ashton+Dani {112814}
✌@crashfirethekilljoy ;Girl you is annoying as h3ll but I love you.
✌@xbeauty-queenx ;Jade you are perf, nough said. You're beautiful and amazing.
✌@zozo812 ;Girl I like beyond love you!! No homo but you're like poly-sister to me and I just love talking to you. My Zoe Bear❤
✌@saraboney ;All the drama we went through together (in like 10 mins...) is always remembered. Stay cool. My Pezza ❤
✌@arianabooh ;hey beautiful girl, I love you so much (nh) and you're perf, tHANK yOU fOR tHE kITTY.
✌@alyssa420 ;you're so awesome!!
✌@y0ur-l0uis ;lou-ee
✌@we-are-the-anons ;James cx
✌@zen-malik ;ZAYN THE MAIN
✌@incredible-an0nz ;The Beautiful Monika :3
✌@your-girl-anonymous ;Aurora though!!
✌@d3-mii ;TWIN!!!!

❤someone told me once that shooting stars are really just angels throwing away their cigarettes before god could catch them smoking❤

Wrote three years ago
This set is adorable! :) <3~

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