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Audition for Shanghai Doll Faces! (I've had this set in my drafts for over a week!)

Illaria Olliver (20)
Mumbai, India
Have you heard of the tale of the three sisters and their mother in a village who became infatuated with themselves after buying a mirror? Illaria stared at her tan, statuesque face and aquamarine blue eyes and fell in love. However, she’d always find something wrong and need to improve it. Whether it was a slight blemish, she strived for perfection. And through all of her relationships, she only cared about looks and made she was the better looking half of the couple. She blocked everything that mattered in life to worry about how she looked. She’s not smart and doesn’t really know what’s going on, she’s usually the last to hear about things, but she’s a head bitchh and that’s all that matters. The head bitchhes let her in for her looks and only her looks. She feels if anything were to happen to her precious, exotic face, she’d be nothing.
Looks: Edita Vilkeviciute

I wanted to be like those girls in the movies. The ones who are gorgeous and smart and popular and perfect and something bad always happened to them, but in the end they were fine and everyone loved them. 

I wanted to be like that.

But life isn't always fair. While I got my looks from my mother, my father's brains seemed to dissipate along with him as he left us when I was just a baby. My sisters were always a little smarter than me, because they had known him longer. Me, I was just pretty. People liked to look at me, but it seemed they couldn't stand conversation with me because I was too dim.

Now, in Shanghai, I was someone. People talked with me because it didn't matter how unintelligent I sounded, I had a face worth looking at and a mouth worth kissing. I didn't want to kiss people. They would mess with my image. I just wanted to be beautiful, and I wouldn't let anyone screw that up.

"Illaria, don't stare off into space, it doesn't become you," Acacia snapped as I was brought back to the reality of our luncheon. She glared at me as Belle rolled her eyes.

"I was looking at the painting," I told them in a level voice. I flicked my hair over my shoulder, challenging them.

"That's a photograph, dumba--," Belle snickered. 

I pursed my lips.

"Aw, sweetie, don't be sad. We still love you," Acacia said, rubbing my back. "As long as you have that pretty face of yours."

/Right,/ I thought. /As long as I have this pretty face./

1. Can you stay active? Seriously think about this one.
-I will stay active because I am only in 2 other roleplays at the moment, one of them a laid-back one and one of them my own which is on hiatus. I am also in a challenge/roleplay group, but it doesn't take too much of my time. I would as active as I can with school, but I usually don't have too much homework and I usually publish at least one set a day so I can definitely make SDF sets weekly or 2 times a week if we have to.
2. Will you ditch this roleplay for new ones?
-No. If you look at all my other roleplays, I stick it out until the end. I stay committed. 
3. Who are your top five choices? And put in their models as well. 
-1. Illaria Olliver (Edita Vilkeviciute)
-2. Reagan Bryzky (Darla Baker)
-3. Daria Molinari (Daphne Groeneveld)
-4. Cecilia 'Cece' Fatima (Taylor Warren)
-5. Winter Gilles (Karmen Pedaru)
4. Do you have a storyline in mind?
-Yes, because I think Illaria has an interesting story of like "all beauty, no brains" and I think that will be fun to play and I have an idea of how to make her like that. And where it will take her.
5. What is your living arrangement?
-Pudong Shangri-La Hotel on the top floor.
6. Please write a bio for your guy and follow the same format as the girls. Also, first come, first serve for the model / actor reservations. 
-Zachary Ryder (24)
Sydney, Australia
Zach, the Aussie with the gorgeous appearance and adorable accent, is just what the doctor ordered. He's sweet, intelligent, and handsome. How someone like Illaria is beyond everyone considering she's not exactly on his IQ level. But he tends to go for the ditzy girls. Maybe because he likes to be that knight in shining armor, or maybe just so he'll always feel smart and superior. Either way, he's not a bad guy and he's not bad to look at in any case. Zach comes from money too, so what's not to love?
Looks: Johannes Huebl
Reserved for @luxecouture

Thanks, hope you like it @theporcelaindoll and @urban-barbie! :))
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