rant time. i'm actually pissed.

so @urban-barbie and i were talking, and she said something that i agree with 100%. when i first discovered 1D, after a bit, i shared it on Polyvore with you all, and then it blew up. now, EVERYONE is talking about 1D and to tell you the truth, it's getting on my nerves. don't get me wrong, i talk about them too, though i'm trying not to as much, and i love them with all my heart, but can you please, just shut the fuckk up? honestly. yesterday i went through all my contacts, and deleted about 60% of them who just aren't my style. and then i went through them again, and deleted a few annoying girls who are pissing me off because they keep going on about 1D and never shutting up. sorry to them, it's nothing against who they are and i might add them in the future if i'm in the same roleplay, but seriously... can you fuckking not mention them every single set? jesus. and i know if i'm getting annoyed and i'm a fan, other people who aren't fans must be pissed and annoyed as fuckk. and i really don't blame them...

so yeah. you obviously can talk about 1D, but please refrain yourself from talking about them all the time. and if you're going to, just tell me now so i can delete you as a contact and never look at your sets. this may be harsh, but it's bugging me like crazy. ugh. 

and even when i try not to talk about them in a set, someone comments something about 1D.

ALSO, to those people who keep talking about the bring 1D to US thing and competing for the states, first of all, NYC is going to win. sorry but it's true. but don't get all pissed, because they are probably going to every state on the list. the same thing happened to italy. italy lost a contest for bringing 1D to them so 1D gave them another contest which they won, so 1D went there. 

and if you were a real fuckking directioner, you would know that. so enough with the annoying bullshitt, please.

rant over.

lolol, i sound like such a bitchh. but whatever. 

ANYWAYS, my friend told me that she skyped with her online friend who lives in liverpool, and said it was the coolest thing ever. so @urban-barbie, we NEED to video chat when you get back to paris so it's not awkward with all your roommates xD just putting that out there, ahaha.

OH, and thank you to those lovely ladies who messaged me about the problem with my friend, i'm talking to her again tonight. i really hope she gets better, because if she goes down that road again, i'd never forgive myself for not helping her.

check out my tumblr? i got a new theme, i'm really liking it! 

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