I walked out of the dry cleaner with my Dolce Tux in hand. I wasn’t a huge fan of tux’s, they took more time to take off, but they also seemed to put women in a surprisingly good mood, so I wasn’t complaining. I needed a fuccking assistant, I was tired of running lame errands and I wanted a drink and didn’t really feel like bringing my tux in with me. But I got over it walking into the bar and hanging it up on the coat rack. 

“Scotch, neat.” I told the bartender and eyed a blonde with legs for miles sitting in a stool nearby. 

“You look familiar.” I said honestly. I had better lines than that but I actually did recognize her.

“I work at BMM.” She said simply downing what looked to be a vodka tonic.

“That’s right. You’re another mommy model.” I said recalling her face from her portfolio. If she had had a kid I couldn’t tell, her body was perfect, curvy in all the right places with a great rack and as I’d seen before killer legs. 

“And you’re the ass*hole.” I smirked.

“That’s what they call me.” I said as the bartender slid me my drink and I took it from her.

“Are mommy’s supposed to be drinking at noon on a Friday?” I asked cocking one eyebrow as she asked for another.

“My mom did.” She bit back. I smiled. A mother with parental issues. Not exactly my type but she was fuccking hot. 

“Hey I’m not one to judge.” I said sipping my scotch. 

“I should hope not.” She said laughing a little. 

“Hey don’t believe everything you hear Legs.” She looked at me questioningly. “That’s what I’m calling you.” She shrugged.

“Works for me.” I smirked.

“So what is a MILF like you doing drinking in the middle of the day?” I asked my hand touching her knee gently.

“You can keep talking to me but I’m not going to sleep with you.” I laughed.

“I wasn’t expecting to bend you over the bar or anything, but how are you so sure.” She looked semi-amused but downed her drink.

“You’re not my type.” I noticed the look in her eyes.

“Oh, mommy’s in love.” I said ordering her another. She make a face.

“I am not.” I chuckled.

“I can tell when a girls in love Legs. It’s in the eyes. But just in case you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I’ve been told I’m an excellent……listener.” I said winking. She was softening up to me already. Thirty more minutes and I would hook her.

“Well..” she started and then my phone went off. The one person who could make me drop everything. I gave her my best smile and pointed to my phone.

“Sorry Legs, duty calls.” And took the phone outside.

“Come gown shopping with me.” Ava said matter-of-factly. It was an order as usual, not a question.

“I’m sorry do I strike you as your gay bff? Because I’m not.” I said smirking at the phone. She sighed.

“I’ll let you fucck me in the dressing room.” She said knowing very well that she could get me to do pretty much anything. 

“I’ll pick you up.” I said grabbing my tux.

“You have a date for the gala?” I laughed.

“I prefer to steal other people’s dates Ava, you should know that.” She laughed. A sweet innocent laugh that made people underestimate her.

“Just making sure you’re not going soft on me.” She said and I laughed.

“You know better than anyone that that would never. Ever. Happen.” I said hanging up and calling a car.
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