February 14, 2014

Song of the day: Everybody's Got Somebody But Me - Hunter Hayes

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, LOVES! I must say, I' quite proud of this set. Normally, I never get this festive with my sets because color ain't exactly my style lol. But look -- this one has red and pink and hearts everywhere (albeit with some black as well... oops)!!! And I know, I know. I've probably used this song at least twice already. But it's my go-to Valentine's Day song. Hehe. Jk. To be honest, my love for food is enough to keep me going at this point in my life ;) But this one lyric really resonates with me. Not necessarily even in the context of love or anything. I just think that that's one of the saddest phenomena in life-- that you can be this really incredible person and have all these interesting qualities that no one knows about because no one cares enough to know. You know? I don't know. This musing probably stems from my frustration with being shy / an introvert. Lol. Anyway. Way too deep for a Friday morning. 

And oh yeah. If you're wondering why I'm making a set at 10 o'clock on a Friday morning... Apparently, the Weather Gods love me because-- THIS IS MY FOURTH SNOW DAY IN TWO WEEKS!!! I stayed up until 3am last night writing the outline for my history research paper lol so I was very happy when I received a call at 7:30 telling me I could go back to sleep. Hehe. Also, the snow on my yard from all the times we've had to shovel our driveway has accumulated to like over five feet now. Lol.

And in other news, I found myself an internship at a bakery! In the spring, we're required to do some sort of internship-type thing before we graduate, so I really wanted to work at a bakery because I love cupcake decorating and such, so I'm really excited about that. Also, I was thinking that I really want to start a cupcake blog or Instagram or something along the lines of "Le Cupcake Quotidien" or something lol and post a different cupcake design everyday. But that would be a really ambitious project. I'll let you know how that goes (if it goes)... :P I'll need to learn how to take real photos on an actual camera instead of just my phone lol but for now, here's a Picstitch of some of the cupcakes I made the other day that I was kind of proud of lol: https://31.media.tumblr.com/ea031c8b3b3a7ac27e5d60a0d71d64ee/tumblr_n0zqovBYsQ1s57nb6o1_500.jpg (disclaimer: I can't claim credit for all of these designs!).

Also, someone get that Fjallraven backpack in my closet now because I am in love with it. Thanks. :P

Anyway. Just wanted to dedicate this set to a few of my lovelies on here: @luxecouture @hijabikebabi @frenchkitty @hortensie @bestdressx @limabean-347 @raisng614 @elsewhere69 @airplane @sophiaspastic @ashley-rebecca @ekincetin @rainie-minnie @rikka-alethea @are-you-with-me @istylista and (as always) a ton of other people I've probably forgotten.

Have a lovely Valentine's Day and a fabulous weekend!


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