It's official my 2 years on Polyvore.
-First set I'm not shy to lets you take a look LOL:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=20612590
-1 Year on Polyvore:http://www.polyvore.com/walking_on_sunshine_year_polyvore/set?id=33858416

I joined Polyvore since 2010/07/11
i've found this site by random searching website where i can buy Chanel bag.
I was wrong must create acc for buy item here,finally end up with go to buy item at real store.

First off,Thanks to my following & random ppl who always support me such a long time i can feels it.

I chose come from South Korea coz i'm a half so much want to dedicated to,but i used to living in Japan,in case just called my self Japanese.
sorry if i made you confused XD:) 

Polyvore and me in last 1 year[2011]
I've so many free time and come here often,since i got baseball season off in an early fall'11 coz i'm injured my back turn to be physical weak plus my last semester & Engineer training program i thoughts i'll busy but not much,i still can come.

Even thought,I've no idea why my page have so many following and so many faves,I'm so sorry i think i'm not check out who used to following me since 1 year passed i'm stop seeking. but lately i started to follow new ppl again.

Also,I've changed my style a lot...i think since my friend Stephanie back to polyvore again i found out this style can show my style[outfits] more than keeping made romantic set that not my real style used to be,also i got inspired from her creations.

I got inspired mostly from things i love and so many idea come out.
sometime it's good ,but crazy an always.
likes you've know I love Asian-music,movie,drama,star,idol etc.
where can find in my sets,i know ppl featuring in my set such an underrated from global fashion.
I know some of my polyfriends faves only famous ppl featuring on my sets,i can says you've the right choice do it by you want i'm not order you faves my Asian at all.
Well from a bottom of my heart thanks for do like them.

2010-2011 you might be got bothering with Kim Hyun Joong and G-Dragon often ,so my precious friends even don't know who they are,but remember as well i do like them so much,that why i received gift sets cover by these 2 boys a lot.

2012 oh my ,poor you i've found new boy to welcome your it's sexy "Kai" baby~ don't worried i'll continue bothering you,ohhh but precious yummy still be there LOL:)

Something i was mentioned on my 1 year polyvore is copycat ,can be 2011 is the year of copycat so many ppl & my sets were copy ,i'm so tired to fight with.
and this year can be copy layout not the same outfits but things exactly the same or copy idea..

mmm,i've a lot to talks but sure I'll have a long time to continue here...I've no idea when i'll quit polyvore ,likes i've said I'm so obsessed with polyvore friends.
I think i've found friends who 've honest heart,nice,kind and we're love to talks/share.
i won't t trust ppl here but someone changed my mind,coz you're so much nice even you always cheer up me for things in my real life when i've a hard time.
i've said before i'll leave my page to my Rainie's junior in the future 
when? could be in next 20 years LOL:)

I'm so Lucky right?
I think.. 

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