April 19, 2014

Song of the day: Queen of California - John Mayer

"Goodbye cold, goodbye rain, goodbye sorrow" begins this song... 

Indeed, John. Indeed.

Yeah. Sooo I just got back from Cali... God, I love that place. I've only ever been once before and only really saw the inside of my hotel because I was there for this event at the hotel I was staying at. But this week, I went not once, but TWICE for different college visits and OMG IT'S BEAUTIFUL OVER THERE. Like idk how you Californians have any motivation to do any sort of work. If I lived in California, I would literally vegetate outside in the sun all day err day. I was just astounded to hear that it stays around the 70s/80s all. year. long. Like... whaaat?! And I still can't get over the fact that there are palm trees like everywhere. It feels too surreal. And of course I had to take artsy pictures of them, right? But so every time I took a picture of one, I felt like those foreigners in NY who take pictures of squirrels. Lol. 

But yeah. Cali is just so chill and marvelous and one of the campuses I visited there is literally like a Californian-style castle or something. Idk but its gorgeous. I kinda wanna spend the next four years there just because the campus is breathtaking and the weather is incredible.

But sigh.

Decisions. Decisions.

Anyways you probably won't be seeing much of me in the next few weeks because I have all these finals and APs and blechy stuff.


And it's 40 degrees in New York. 



Time to go now.

Bye guys! Talk to you soon! xx

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