Elodie Covington {LPA}

"WEDNESDAY,22 JANUARY;It's sushi night at Le Maximum and it's also girls only so bring the claws out and go hard on the Saké cause in this group you need it[ gossip blast is coming out,so you can show your character reaction]"

"Can we talk?” 

The text message had remained on my phone, unread all morning. Distracting myself by getting ready for sushi tonight with the girls and tidying my already spotless room didn’t work. I really needed to learn how to stop avoiding my problems and just deal with them. 

Maybe I’ll start tomorrow. 

I continued reorganizing my closet and going through old clothes and shoes until I heard a knock at my door. Weird, I thought to myself. No one ever came all the way out to Le Village to visit, normally it was me walking all the way to L’Octogone. 

“Come in!” I yelled, getting up from my crouching position and throwing the unwanted shoes onto the growing pile on my bed. 

To my surprise, Callum walked in, looking nervous. “You didn’t answer my text..” he began, holding up his phone, “and I didn’t want to leave things as they were. Can we talk?”

There they were, those three words again. Never known to have a positive outcome. 

I nodded and gestured for him to sit down at my desk while I took a seat opposite on my bed. 

“Look, Elodie, I’m sorry. Things got out of hand at Fleur’s party… I got out of hand, “ he said, playing with his hands and avoiding my eye. He took his time saying the next part. “I brought someone else home, but she doesn’t matter and it was a mistake. Can you forgive me?” Cal finally looked up at me, his eyes searching for my response.

I scratched my head and got up, pacing as I usually did when I was pondering something important. Coming to a stop in front of him, I placed my hand on my hip and said, “I’ll think about it, but right now I’ve got to get ready for sushi.” 

He nodded, accepting my answer for now, and quickly left, leaving me to finish getting ready.

I could already tell this would be an interesting night. 

At dinner, after Fleur’s toast

"Let's make a toast to all of the girls mentioned on this fake blog account or whatever. here's to me for being too perfect, apparently... here's to Elodie, Florence for stealing Lysandra's man... Olivia, and here's to Lysandra, valiant and daring, unbelievable and bizarre,” Fleur said, raising her glass. The rest of the girls and I mimicked her, too stunned to do anything different. 

Gossip-net lived up to her reputation, spilling what seemed like all the rumors she had heard thus far. Lysandra looked pale earlier, but was regaining her color as she turned red with irritation over Fleur’s toast presumably. 

As I looked around the room, taking in everyone’s faces, most seemed relieved that they hadn’t been on Gossip-net’s hit list, that is until I spotted Olivia. She shrank down in her seat, staring blankly. When I saw her, the full meaning behind the blast came over me. Callum and Olivia. Olivia was the girl Callum brought home instead of me.. And Cooper? 

Florence and Emiliana looked at me concerned, I guess my face betrayed my feelings to them. Anger. Why was I so angry now, but not earlier? 

Before either could ask me anything, I stood up and left the table, muttering something about the bathroom. I heard heels clicking behind me and turned my head to see Olivia following me out. 

“Elodie, wait,” she said, catching up to me.

Even though I had every right to just ignore her, I turned around and faced her. “Yes?” I managed a small, somewhat smile.

“I’m sorry,” she began, but I cut her off. 

“Look, don’t worry about me," I lied, "I knew from the beginning what type of guy Callum is. I think Cooper’s the one you should talk to.” With that, I gave her shoulder a little squeeze and walked out of the building and noted to myself that another thing I needed to stop doing was worrying so much about pleasing others. 

My phone suddenly buzzed, three different messages popping up this time. 

From: Gossip-net
“I let you off easy this time, next time I won’t be so nice. Do your task or else.”

From: Fleur
“You okay? xx”

From: Rob
“I got your message about dad. Check your email.”

I sucked my breath in sharply after I read the last message from my brother. But before I checked his email, I replied to Fleur and sent a message of my own.

To Fleur: 
“I’m fine, should have known it would happen. Loved the toast, let me know about anything else that happens tonight. xo”

To Callum:
“Really? Olivia?”

After I sent the last message, I went to my emails. 

Finally, I would have some answers about my father and what really happened that day.


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