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I have been listening to Pussycat Dolls a lot. Mostly their song I Hate This Part and Hush Hush. I don't know why but It motivates me from what's going on in my life. 

Some news are that I got the new polyvore app on my phone. And I'm starting to get sick....again. Flu season for those who live in America. 
So in my set a few back about my complication with my crush. I have decided I will give up on him. I tried talking to him, but I just couldn't. So me and my best guy friend were talking. And then my crush and his gf got into the comvo. 
I just acted a though it wasn't a big deal. And my crush looked back and well we were all talking about the couple. And I was like "she never talked about him on the bus" my crush was still looking. And my best guy friend is like "they hardly talk". And me "they b the shy couple" 
And then his gf was outside our class room for an assignment for one of he classes. My best guy friend mentioned her there and my crush quickly jerked his head towards the door. I was sad but really happy for his gf since she was a friend of mine. But then he went back to his work. After she left I told my best guy friend how my crush reacted. 
I was kind if sad mentioning this but I just smiled and laughed at their jokes. And about a minute later my crush looked at me and I caught him. He jerked his head back to his work
Usually I'm happy when he looks at me but today I just felt hurt. 

And then this guy who is also I'm that class with me.... Well we had a awkward moment. It was after Lunch. So I was walking an do was right next to him and like our shoulders touched and everything. But my hand was being naughty. So I was walking past him and my hand ACCIDENTALLY grazed past his left like butt hip area. I think he noticed cause after 4th period when he can out of his classroom he was looking at me. And I kind of started liking him. But everyone I think of him I think of my crush. 

I just feel heart broken right now. 

To my unnies and dongsaeng who helped me through this and have me amazing advice

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