I took myself to the academy. Nobody drove me, I piled my luggage into a cab and my "parents" barely waved me off. I sat waiting for Levi to appear next to me. I smiled at him as he did, right on cue. I held his firm hand for the ride to the academy. After the crash, I knew he was dead, I should have been dead right alongside him. He keeps showing up though. Everyone tells me that he's gone, I refuse to believe that just because somebody is dead, it doesn't mean you can't still be with them. We sat in silence and I kissed his cheek on the way out of the cab, earning a strange look from the driver and the guards. I signed myself in reluctantly. The mood around me was almost as glum as I felt. I knew that this was the better option, either I go here, or I go to juvenile prison for assisting in manslaughter. But he isn't actually gone, it's just that nobody sees that. I trudge up the stairs and to my "new home". I throw my bags down and sit on the cold cold floor.
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William ; I nodded "I love reading, it was my only other way to escape besides, well...drugs and shiet..." I looked down a bit and then continued putting the books away.
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Catrin: "I do." I smiled, he made me feel quite comfortable. I quickly dove to make sure he didn't have to start putting away my medication bottles or something. I put those away in the adjacent bathroom. I went out on a limb and asked him a question "Do you like to read too?"
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William ; "Well I am glad to meet you Catrin, you've got a nice name." I smiled at her and helped place her books on the shelves provided in the room, "You've got quite a few of these huh?" I asked her with a little chuckle holding about five books in my hands. Seemed she liked to read, something her and I had in common

Wrote 4 years ago
Catrin: He was such an eloquent speaker, it made me feel like he would think i'm socially awkward. I nodded "Why yes." I started "Come in." I said quietly. I was not good at talking to people I wasn't familiar with. I never knew what was appropriate. I opened up a suitcase and saw that it was full of clothes, I opened the other that held all my other things, books, soaps, and medication. I had just remembered that he told me his name was William "I'm Catrin" I said not looking at him. I looked around to see if Levi was here anywhere. I wished he would apparate.


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