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carmen evans
the great perhaps

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6TH: It's time to act like normal students today. Get together with a few friends in the dorms or at the library for a study group!

I scanned the words on the page in front of me, barely reading them. Tonight my mind was somewhere else, somewhere far away from me. I’d rather be back in my dorm doing something that didn’t involve education. Without anything better to do I began to tap my shoes against the tiled floor. 

“Do you mind,” a snotty girl asked.

A guy who was sitting a couple seats down from her began to tap his pencil against the desk like a drum. We shared a quick smiled while the girl sighed and stormed off. “Nice teamwork,” I smiled and he shrugged. 

“Yeah,” he smiled. “I’m Tucker.” 

“Carmen,” I smiled back. “I’ve got to ask you this but... are you actually reading your book?”

“Oh no,” he admitted and we both started to laugh. “You can only read Shakespeare so long before you want to go insane.”

“I like Shakespeare,” I admitted.

“Oh me too,” he agreed and I raised an eyebrow at him. 

“What are you reading,” I asked and walked down to his table, sitting across from him. I picked the book up from out of his hands. “Hamlet... interesting choice.” 

He nodded his head. “Most people tell me I’m like Hamlet,” he said in a way you could tell he was trying to act smooth, like a ladies’ man. 

“You do realize that Hamlet had sexual feelings towards his mom... right?” 

His eyes widened and he sputtered, trying to think of anything to say to correct that mistake. I laughed. 

“I meant like... that I’m... I’m... I’m just gonna shut up now,” he finally settled on, admitting defeat. 

“That’s a good idea,” I teased. He seemed sweet. “I could help you out with Hamlet sometime if you like. I read it in high school and I think I still might have my notes.”

“That’d be fun,” he smiled. His eyes floated to the library’s doorway. “Shane,” Tucker called and I looked over my shoulder. It was him... 

I kept my eyes focused on the table in front of me as Shane sat down. I looked up briefly and our eyes met. I could feel my cheeks begin to flush. Awesome. Last night at the party Shane and I ended up getting to... “know” each other. Thanks to a shared bottle of Jack Daniels we found ourselves this morning on the beach at the Smoking Hole. 

“Hello,” he grunted at me.

“Hi,” I muttered and looked up just in time to see him carelessly throw his shoes on top of the desk. 

“Do you guys know each other,” Tucker asked. 

My cheeks blushed and Shane cleared his throat. “We’ve, uh, met,” he said smoothly with a shrug. 

“Um yeah,” I agreed. 

“Man, you know all the girls,” Tucker mused. He turned to face me. “My brother probably knows more girls than I do.”

My heart hit the floor. “What,” I asked.

“My brother,” Tucker shrugged. “Shane’s my brother.”

Right about now wouldn’t be a bad time to die... “Small world,” I murmured weakly. 

TOO small...


{so Carm needs friends badly haha. Is there anybody that would like to be included in my next story or would care to be friends? I feel so lame for asking...}
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