It's my birthday today, I'm officially 21. It feels weird to say because I don't feel that old. I feel like I should be 19, not because of my maturity, so no idea why. It doesn't help that I'm constantly told I don't look my age. 

I asked to go to Disneyland for my birthday, but it won't be until October. It'll be a two day thing. Vegas is the common thing to do, but I hardly drink, so I don't see myself drinking a lot. Doesn't mean I wouldn't at all though if I went. It would be fun to gamble too. I've been to Vegas so many times before, but it'll be different now that I'm legally able to do things I couldn't before.

I'm the only one not making a huge deal about today. I realize I can drink now, but I'm not going to go crazy. I'm going to dinner tonight and I know that when I do drink, my parents will be embarrassing. I had one the other day after my dad offered and my mom was all "Melissa's having a drink!" Like it was this major event. All day she's been emotional, telling me that she can't believe her baby is growing up, time has flown by, etc. I don't know how to react to things like that.

I've become good friends with a girl I met at my college walking class and this morning I woke up to a text saying that she was taking me to lunch to wherever I wanted. We ended up going to Macaroni Grill, now I feel so full. Can I just say I get so embarrassed when I'm sung to? She also told me she bought me the Hunger Games series set. That was very unexpected, but very sweet and a really good surprise.
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