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Well, this set has turned into a three-in-one attempt to a storyboard, an intro set, and perhaps even a first story for Cecelia ;]

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Cecelia Adler; 22
(Vlada Roslyakova)
Growing up, Cecelia was always exposed to the mob scene of Chicago. Her father was a prominent gangster himself, working under the Moratti clan until his untimely death ten years ago. After that, Cecelia's brother, Jack, took over the family business and indadvertedly involved Cecelia in it, too. Now, at the age of 22, she has become a vital figure in the Moratti plots against other threatening gangs--including the Kings. Cecelia's job is to seduce and flirt with any man she deems necessary, and while she is incredibly talented at her job, her brother often vehemently disagrees with it. Instead, he--and many other Moratti members--try to baby little Cecelia. They see her as a fragile porcelain doll, too pure to ruin. But only her boyfriend, Charlie Raymond--the famed right-hand man of Salvatore Moratti--knows the truth behind this little minx. And he's willing to use her in any way possible to ensure he remains as one of the most powerful men in Chicago. However, Charlie and Cecelia's relationship is flawed at best. Neither is truly in love with the other, but Charlie continues to keep Cecelia close to him, on a tight leash, so to speak. Unfortunately, Cecelia has been wandering farther and farther away from him, especially now that a mysterious new writer has caught her eye. If anyone were to find out about her midnight meetings with him, they'd both be in detrimental trouble.


James Adler; 55 -- deceased
(Daniel Craig)
James was a prominent member of the Moratti gang who was swiftly on his way to ruling alongside Salvatore Moratti himself. He was known nation-wide as a top-rate criminal, a mastermind, and a genius and cunning man who involved in the drug business until he was shot dead in the streets by a member of the Kings one late summer night.

Jane Adler; 49 -- deceased
(Nicole Kidman)
As far as Cecelia could remember, Jane was always quite the beauty. She was a singer and dancer before falling hopelessly in love with bad boy mobster James Adler. She passed away from tuberculosis when Cecelia was only an infant, and thus Cecelia doesn't remember her much.

James 'Jack' Adler; 27
(Bradley Cooper)
Jack is Cecelia's older, very protective brother. He is one of the famed mobsters belonging to the Moratti clan. He comes from a long history of mafia men and as such, is very knowledgable in dealing in organized crime. Jack is known as the smooth-talking, suave gentleman who can easily walk out unharmed in a shoot-out. His loyalties lie with the Morattis and word is he may be the next heir to the Moratti mob boss throne. He believes his top priority is to be the next great mobster, just like his father.


Charles 'Charlie' Raymond; 26
(Leonardo DiCaprio)
Charlie is the right-hand man of mobster Salvatore Moratti, successfully claiming the spot that long belonged to Cecelia's father, James. He is currently the boyfriend of Cecelia, but he isn't exclusive to her. Charlie is equally as cruel and evil and has a weak spot for money. He often presumes control over Cecelia and constantly has people watching her to make sure she doesn't do something that would anger him.

Thomas Robertson; 25
(Tom Hiddleston)
Thomas is that romantic, fledgling writer with many stories to tell. He recently moved to the city of Chicago with hopes and dreams of completing and eventually publishing his first novel. Day and night, he can be found wandering aimlessly through the streets of the city to gather inspiration. He has an eloquent vocabulary and is always jotting down poetry in a little journal that he carries. He became instantly infatuated with mob-girl Cecelia Adler after spotting her from her apartment window one night. They’ve been meeting in secret now and he calls her his muse, spawning several stories for his soon-to-be-published novel.


Cecelia has never had the need to have a job a day in her life. For the most part, her father watched over her and provided her with the things she needed. Money wasn't much of a problem for Cecelia and Jack as they grew up, especially since their father was so involved in the drug trading business. And now that both Jack and Charlie are apart of the mobs, it seems like Cecelia will always be cared for.
For the most part, Cecelia hangs around the gangs and mobs, and is usually seen as just their pretty little girl. But since Charlie has allowed her to be more involved in the Moratti gang, she's had a few 'jobs' now and then. Of course, they mostly revolve around seducing men for secrets.
When she's not working with the mobs, Cecelia lives the classic flapper lifestyle. She wastes her days and nights at clubs, smoking cigarettes and sipping champagne. It's also known that she is entirely off-limits from other men because she is solely Charlie's girl.

- - - -

~Friday, August 10;
Rumor has it that everyone who's anyone in Chicago is heading down to The Cat-Scratch speakeasy for a night of dancing, drinks, and debauchery. Both of the Morattis and the Kings will be there, too, so be alert and don't mess with the wrong people.
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"Ah, Charlie! So nice to see you again," greeted one of the Moratti mobsters, gripping Charlie in a quick hug accompanied by a pat on the back. Charlie seemed unfazed. He smirked for a moment, nodded his head in agreement, and then pulled back and resumed his stoic demeanor that had him famous all over the city of Chicago.

"Yes, it is good to be back, isn't it?" he murmured, taking a side-long glance as his porcelain doll of a girlfriend Cecelia, who stood by his side with a polite smile plastered on her face for the fellow mobster. Her eyes told a different story though, as they flitted around the room, taking in the different sights of the night life.

"Be a doll and stay with Lorenzo," Charlie commanded, smiling sweetly at Cecelia before leaning in to place a chaste kiss on her cheek. Cecelia pouted, a flicker of her child-like personality showing through, as Charlie pulled back and followed the first mobster through a large crowd of people and toward an almost hidden back room to do some 'business dealings'. 

"Mmm..." Cecelia whined, "But I don't want to."

Charlie turned around momentarily to face Cecelia, his lips were pursed as he thought silently. He took a deep breath and repeated his original command; "I said, be a doll and stay with Lorenzo."

And with that, Charlie was turning around in a huff, storming off from Cecelia to follow his mobster acquaintance to do whatever elicit activity they had planned.

Cecelia crossed her arms grumpily over her chest and let out a dramatic sigh. Lorenzo, her bodyguard of sorts for whenever Charlie wasn't around, seemed unmoved by her current state of unhappiness. Instead, he continued to watch her like a hawk. 

In the meantime, Cecelia figured it wouldn't hurt to at least get a drink at the bar. She was there in a matter of moments, ordering a dirty martini even though she much preferred the bourbon. However, Charlie didn't like it when she drank hard liquor like whiskey and bourbon out in public and in front of his mob buddies. Of course, Lorenzo was hot on her tail, still staring at her like the bird of prey that he was.

"What?" she scoffed, turning around to face him and acknowledge the fact that she certainly didn't like being babysat. "It's just a martini, darling." Lorenzo blinked but said nothing.

With a dramatic roll of her eyes, she turned back around to the bar. Her fingers played around with the stem of her martini glass as she tried to find something to entertain herself with while Charlie was gone. Had Charlie been here with her, they'd probably be out on the dance floor doing the Charleston or something. She's be having fun, but not as much fun as she'd hope for. Then, because Charlie was pleased with how flattering she looked with him and how nice she was to his buddies, he'd take her out after the night was over and buy her a diamond Tiffany's necklace or maybe even a new pair of Cartier earrings. 

But Charlie was busy tonight, so of course Cecelia wasn't going to be pampered. She practically had to entertain herself with whatever minimal amount of things she could do.

Cecelia jumped down from the bar stool, but felt Lorenzo's hand on her shoulder before she could even walk away. She peered over at him, glaring with her eyes narrowed.

"I'm just going to powder my nose, darling," she said perturbedly. Lorenzo's hand lifted from her shoulder, as if to acquiesce her remark. He nodded and grunted once, signaling to her that she had permission to use the restroom.

Immediately, Cecelia was on the run, pushing herself through the tight crowd in the direction of the powder room. But before entering through the curtains, she made a sharp left and headed toward the backdoor of the Cat-Scratch, disappearing just in time into the alleyway.

The air outside was considerably cooler and the atmosphere was perfectly quiet and still. There were a few couples in the alleyway, doing things she could only imagine. Occasionally, a rat would scurry by, jumping out from the forgotten trashcans that lined the brick wall.

Cecelia shrugged off her fur coat that Charlie had bought her, instead choosing to revel in the cool night air as it graced her bare back. She only had a few minutes before Lorenzo would notice she was missing; and then she wouldn't hear the last of it from Charlie, who would of course inform her brother who would scold her like the seven year old child he still thought her to be.

So for the time being, Cecelia just hung back by the brick wall, her coat in her arms, as she surveyed her surroundings. She hardly ever had time alone to herself since being the girlfriend of a notorious mobster either meant other mobsters would be after her...or the police. Of course Charlie didn't want either of those things happening--he obviously didn't want to be caught--so he had Cecelia being watched every hour of the day. This was one of those few moments when she was free to do whatever without the fear of being observed.

Except what Cecelia didn't know was that she was being watched, but not by one of her boyfriend's lackeys. 

No, twelve stories up, hanging out of the an open apartment window was a man--a writer--scribbling madly away on a notepad as he gathered inspiration from the night at the speakeasy stories down below. He immediately spotted Cecelia, alone and entirely out of place, and soon was transfixed by her.

Quickly, the man began writing even more furiously on his paper in a manner that seemed as if at any given moment, Cecelia would vanish into thin air like some sort of apparition. 

- - - -

Well, it is quite the pleasure to meet you darlings. I'm the one and only Cecelia Adler and if you're a Moratti-supporter, than I foresee us being quite wonderful friends. If you're a King...well, that's another story. You'll probably see me quite frequently at the cabarets and clubs, so don't hesitate to approach me. Albeit, it's Charlie you may want to watch out for.


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