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2012/04/30 It's going to the end of April ..And I'm in love !! Really?
I means this person used to be my Idol since i was primary school and she got married :)

I'm so happy that finally become to her beautiful day.Oh her name is Jun Ji Hyun ,may be all your girls ever watching My sassy girl famous movie of her. noona very pretty i see her wedding news everywhere in Seoul last few week ago and made my heart beat [weird ] as a women i found out she is an ordinary person someday she'll got marry but so fast for me to realized she got married at age 32 while actress same generation as her still working .that from the past i picture noona is cold heart person,but not at all after this.

When i see her smile that really made my day,I picture my self i'll married around 32 too i think,but I should find good guy first, why so hard to find it lol:)

Noona,Happy Wedding !! your husband is the most lucky guy on the planet.
Congrats :)))

**Noona is Korean words for boy used to called older sister,srry I'm a girl who prefer noona more than unni [Unni for a girl used]**
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