~~I j'adore this outfit

^^As the title says i'm in luuurrrve :) Really....I had this dream last night that my crush kissed me :o It was ahmazing~~ :) 

 Sometimes my dreams come true..sometimes...imagine a 1O/2O chance...

Anyways I can't stop smiling :-) I've already shipped us Nila (Ne-luh, that's how you pronounce my name.) + Brandon = Nidon or Branila or Randoila or Brandonila or Niladon and etcetera :-) I named our kids Brandon Jr. and Nila..or one of the names above^^

I've had at least five dreams about him which I now call the Brandon Dream Series :) Lulz...

TAGGiNG my #Babies:

@johnnacarix You were nominated for a polyvore's choice award..right? I need to vote for you :)

@lillyisbanana If you haven't named our group yet I suggest The Boho Chics.....So your going on a camping trip?? Where??

@xosadie Parent's said no..

@soccergirlsforever Hai ♥

@nikki555candy Couldn't find your channel :l

@them-apples  ily;

@smileitskourtland I never talk to you :(

@pennyjeank You either :(

@nomeissoepic Or you :(

@mizfit4ever I am really convinced that D-fry-that's what I call Daniel Bryan-wears pink lipstick or sucks on pink lemonade Popsicles all day..
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