name: Tabitha von Bleicken
age: 17
family background: Her father, Patrick, is a successful actor and recently become film director whilst her mother, Lucinda, is a retired model and actress who is now a stay at home mother. Both of them would like to see either of their children succeed in the acting field or fashion industry, though there seems to be no luck. Tabitha's older brother, Kevin, is an upcoming novel writer whilst her little sister, Jenny, is still a student and hasn't considered a career path
style: Quirky class- pencil skirts and blouses but with wacky prints and bold colours
bio: It was unfortunate that Tabitha had been a target by paparazzi and other forms of media as a result of her family name and background. It's more unfortunate that it's still a regular occurrence, finding herself in the pages of gossip magazines. If it isn't rumors circulating her, it's circulating her young sister who rebels often. Tabitha blocks out those who focus on false assumptions and occassionally takes the time to speak out. She's quite strong and emotionally stable but many wait for her to fall, but it seems she may be the only celebrity child that has her head screwed on the correct way. Tabitha's what they would call, the 'mother hen' of her group of friends; she's the wise one with advice that speaks over all. Tabitha's a respectful young woman with a strong dedication and a personality to match, that is until you place a glass of wine in her petite little hand. Tabitha may have class but behind closed doors, she knows how to have a good time.
likes: vibrant patterns, belts, wine, red lipstick, comedy festivals, helping others, loud music, sweaters, soccer, milkshakes, her hair, sleep, late nights, breakfast, long baths
dislikes: baggy clothing, paparazzi, cigarettes, rumors, being woken up early, judgemental people, strong coffee, bossiness, fake tan, caked make-up, losing her contacts
model: Emmy Rossum
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