I was in a cheesy mood..and nothing makes for increasing the cheese factor like a great movie that's theme song is "Love with Lift Us Up Where We Belong" I always, always regardless of where I am at the moment, when I hear this have to get all cheesy and sing loudly and badly!! Anyways I heard the song while in the car, and whilst singing cheesily along..saw the perfect outfit for it flash before my eyes. The following day I had to give it life!!


Wrote 8 years ago
awesome combo!

Wrote 8 years ago
Ahh, cheesy music rocks lol! Love the vintage feel to the outfit.Those shoes are so cute and the gorgeous ring is, well, gorgeous!

Wrote 8 years ago
this is soo nice, I love this vintage feel:)

Wrote 8 years ago
Aww thank you muchs girls! Yes I do love a good cheese factor..and i think i quite possibly would just stop breathing without vintage!!

Wrote 8 years ago
oh i love it!

Wrote 8 years ago
I love all your outfits.... Yes the song is cheesy but it is a good one.... I adore the newsboy hat and those heels... I love all you're vintage stuff

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