~Marianas Trench, Haven't Had Enough {another summer jam! Thanks to @wakeupfarah for introducing it to me! Too bad it's not on Polyvore's amazon thing...}


BLOGGY TIME <3 I know you all missed them, am I right? haha :)

1. I'm currently working on a Summer 2012 playlist, so look for that soon! :)
2. That's the cutest picture of Mila ever I just love it, obviously since it's my icon... Anyway she's gorgeous and anybody agree that that fine looking Sam Way would look good with her? I think they'd make a good couple :)
3. So we had a meeting tonight for the VBS volunteers (that's me) and oh my gosh it's like we're getting paid they do these whole big background checks and make you get references, which I've already gotten, but apparently they lost mine or whatever and now I have to go get them again, even though I've been volunteering for the last like 5 years... Whatever it's just kinda annoying.
4. I'm weirdly addicted to writing for Jackson for CF... Like it's really fun to play a guy haha. To try to get inside their heads. Don't we all wish we could do that?
5. Speaking of guys, since I've graduated, I haven't seen many cute guys out and about... It's quite sad. Haha well college is coming! College boysss [insert girly whoops and giggles]. 
6. So this weekend I get to go to Tiffany's and pick out something as the last part of my graduation present <3 I cannot wait ahh! I don't know what to get! Should I get a bracelet or a ring?! 
7. We're taking a little trip this weekend and the Tiffany's will be there. But anyway the mall that we will be going to on the little trip with the Tiffany's is an epic amazing mall and they have the best stores. Can't wait to check out H&M and Urban Outfitters since we don't have one here!
8. Today I wore an H&M blue paisley maxi dress and my coral wedges from Target. I love summer <3
9. However we had terrible storms last night and more coming tonight so hopefully we stay safe! There was some damage last night, but not really around my neighborhood luckily. 
10. I start my summer job next Tuuesday. Urgh. It's good money, but my job's pretty boring... And there's like no one there my age :/ but anyway I probably won't be on /as/ much starting next week, but I will still try to come on everyday if I can. 
11. Supernatural is one of the best shows ever, just saying. I'm addicted to it. #DeanWinchesterMarryMe
12. I realized I'm a huge nerd. That's okay. I'm a fashionable one xD
13. Oh yeah Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars just came on my iTunes shuffle <3
14. Tomorrow I'm helping my cousin with her senior pictures (I have to help with hair and outfit and such) and then after that I'm meeting a friend for lunch whom I haven't seen in a year! It'll be fun :)
15. Now if this dumb Shingles will go away... I hate taking these big horse pills... :/
17. OH YEAH EVERYONE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 130,000+ FAVES THAT IS SO AMAZING I CANNOT BELIEVE IT YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY ARE THE BEST!!!! And 10,000+ followers? I love you guys so much thank you :)))
18. I really want that dress. That peachy color is so pretty and the shoulder cutouts are so FETCH (I'm Gretchen Wieners guys). And of course that deep coral bag and the mint green shoes and the blazer... le drool.
19. I was going to say something else... But I always forget... Ummm... Hmmm.... Oh whatever let's just say one thing from one of my other recent obsessions: DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO. -John Locke on Lost :))

HAVE A GREAT REST OF THE WEEK EVERYONE <33 Love you all, thanks for everything! 

If you read that all, comment "I hope your apple pie is freaking worth it!" {it's a Dean quote from Supernatural... #nerdalert}

xx Taylor
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