I'm just your proooblem.

Dedicated to everyone's favorite vampire queen, Marceline. She's not mean, she's a thousand years old. She just lost track of her moral code.
Someone make an Adventure Time roleplay PUH-LEAASE.


Wrote two years ago
I admire Marceline so much. She's my life idol.

Wrote two years ago
i lumpin' love adventure time.
marceline is radical.
God i love her.

Wrote two years ago
Adventure Time RP? I want omg

Wrote two years ago
@semoer-eadem okay but if keep Jake a dog then what to do with characters like LSP or candy people, etc?

Wrote two years ago
....with a real dog?
Yes, I will be here all night with all the smartass answers.
But honestly, I'm going to go with his voice actor, John DiMaggio, mostly because he kind of looks like how I would imagine Jake would look like if he was a human.

Wrote two years ago
... how does one begin to modelcast Jake the dog tho >.>

Wrote two years ago
@semper-eadem canon but with the option to make our own, maybes?

Wrote two years ago
Oh glob, those are all fantastic ideas!!! Would we want to play as the canon characters or make our own?

Wrote two years ago
Or or or like they find themselves in a mixed up time continuum in the future with Ooo and Aaa mixed together?!

Wrote two years ago
@semper-eadem Yes this needs to happen! AAaah I have too many ideas! How should it be? Like a flash into the future? A re-imagining? I can't make up my mind! :3

Wrote two years ago
This is the most perfect Marceline collection!!

Wrote two years ago
i would join the adventure time roleplay, i am just saying.

Wrote two years ago
This is literally the best Marcie collection EVER. But yo, if you want to make an Adventure Time rp, I'd be more than willing to help, nudge nudge. Wink wink. Say no more.

Wrote two years ago
so perfect! love it!


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