i'm kawaii desu

a whole collection of kawaii things >.<
okay, so basically I am going to try to ask my mom if I can get a youtube (I already have one but I use it for commenting and she doesn't know about it) and ask her if she will let me post j-pop dancing videos on there. I know she will probably say no but I might try to ask her anyway, I just don't know where to start exactly.
My Kawaii Songs:
galaxias! - boys and girls (Norihito Ogawa Remix)
hatsune miku - uni
yui horie - coloring
hatsune miku - lol (lots of laugh)
galaxias! - galaxias!
megurine luka and megpoid gumi - happy synthesizer

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@grotesque-lady 'daw thank you:)

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so cute collection ^^


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