Sonntag - 21 November 2010 - 19:31.

unhhhh. cramps. you can smd.
oh wait. that's right. I do not have one.
I have an orifice that bleeds monthly.
muuuuch better, thanks.

hmm. that was a tad disturbing.
feel free to run away / change windows in terror.

ugg. I do not want to complain about my life, so I will just say that this has been a horrible horrible horrible horridly horrible terrible horrible no good very bad week. 

+ along with some other *great* stuff my school's semifinal football game that I could not go to was *faaaaantabulous*. We only lost by, what, 40? ish? yeah. *perfect.*

so with that delightful news, let's move on. 
this set is my favorite in a long time, but then again I always think that and then 5 minutes later I do not like it anymore because megan or sarah or carla or emma or any of my other contacts who I can't seem to remember their names shows me up and makes a flawless set that makes mine look like trash.
thaaaank you and good night.

oh but wait, I forgot what I was going to say. 
my school put on Alice In Wonderland.
(which maybe you'll see some of that in this set. hmm? *strokes mustache that I have now because of no-shave-november*
..KIDDING btw.)
anyhoozle. the play.
lhufff. adore. makes me shed tears of sweet sweet joy. okay, well, close to that at least.
but it made it better because I knew people in it, and my friend was the Mad Hatter muahahah. cool stuff.
I saw it during my english class and then again that night with some people. hah. they hated it. "why would you ever want to watch that twice, haley?"
hmmm. lames. these are the people I get to be friends with. *yuuus*
It can be depressing that no one likes what I like. 
but hey, I said I was not going to complain, right?
thanksgiving break better cheer me up but.. [insert semi-depressing story of stuff and things that I was about to put but forgot that I wasn't supposed to complain]
this is getting difficult.
so. I shall leave you with this:
"keep. your. temper."

OH. and for some girly news..
new favorite song = Enchanted : Swifty.
(it's about adam young xDxDxDxD)


(p.s. this girl just texted me saying there's no tennis wednesday because of thanksgiving. uhh, thanks? duh? yeah?)

(p.p.s. stalker texter has come back from the dead ever since we learned "Italienisch" in german class and he figured out that I was.. Italian. so now I get random texts saying "haley" "italian:)" "hey"
no joke. what the even..)
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