song; timeflies tuesday - taylor. 
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20 random facts you don't know about me ; 
1. i write poetry. 
2. i have one best friend in RL. 
3. i've gotten drunk before.
4. i've never smoke a day in my life. 
5. i am obsessed with youtube. 
6. i want to move into a condo in the future. 
7. i love guys with tattoos.
7. when i turn 18, i'm getting tattoos|piercings. 
8. my bedroom is always a hot ass mess. 
9. i am not a virgin, and i'm NOT sorry about it(; lmfao
10. i am obsessed with shopping. 
11. i am named after my mom and dad nicknames.
12. i have three older brothers, i am the only girl. :/
13. i am 5 feet tall. and, yes. i'm adorable biitch (; 
14. my middle name has the month i was born in it.
15. i love boys who have 'swag' .no preppy boys please. 
14. i love the color black. goth tho bro. sike. 
15. i would like to have twins, but idk if that's possible.
16. i would love to be a crime Analysis some day.
17. i don't go a day without wearing makeup :o 
18. my playlist consist of 99% love songs. ooop.
19. i hate girls. lmfao. 
20. i am truly lazy. I'm actually surprised i typed all this.

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