* * * * * * - "Rival" by Black Motorcycle Gang. Yeah...I did get it from Bates Motel. I'm a bit obsessed with that show right now, DON'T JUDGE ME.

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Name: Genesis “Gen” Faulken 

Age: 17

House: Blackmore

The Clique member? Hell no. She’s different from the in-crowd and she likes it that way.

Skills: Excellent computer hack that specializes in spy, or “private eye” as she calls it, technology (secret cameras, finding private documents, etc) that likes to make short movies in her free time. She won a couple awards in local film festivals. They’re total art-house pieces too.

Weaknesses: insecure (but never shows it), struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia when she was younger so she hates reading and English studies even though she’s learned how to deal with them, tends to say what’s exactly on her mind even if it’s not too good (actually, especially if it’s not good)

Personality: She doesn’t always say much, but when she does it’s either loud, sarcastic, cutting, intelligent or any combination of the four. She loves to film random things in her life and make them into movies and she never goes very far without her music. She’s got a few chosen friends that she prefers to hang out with, but she’s not super close to. She’s a bit hyperactive, so she’s usually tapping or humming or doing a little dance by herself to get her fidgets out.

Likes: Old movies (especially Hitchcock), James Dean, Johnny Depp, black eyeliner, red lipstick, knives, her camera(s), making trouble, apples, cinnamon, hot coffee, tea with milk, sweets, leather, cigarettes, music in general, old records, laughing, sarcasm, puzzles, challenges, the nighttime, the moon, early morning mist, rain, Effy Stonem from Skins (who doesn’t?), shiny nail polish, black lace, skeletons/skulls, her blonde hair

Dislikes: Rules, when people put her down or make her feel small, when she loses, grammar and reading work, being watched, being told what to do, being falsely accused, when things are too easy, her own insecurities

Bio: Gen is a natural computer wiz kid, but after too watching too many old movies she decided to pursue her childhood dream of being a spy. She works for little odd investigative jobs here and there (sometimes she just sets stuff up for her own amusement) mostly just for an escape from her everyday life. She also /loves/ film and always has her camera and camera case on her. She’s made a couple art-house short movies that have won local awards (one was her own ode to the silent movie genre that involved using a dog’s point of view to explore the harbor that involved her literally duct-taping a camera to a collar on a dog, which is all sorts of interesting). And she lives for risk-taking. If it doesn’t have consequences, she’s not interested.

Her best friend when she was in primary school used to be a boy named Gabe and they were incredibly close. They used to hang out and wander town for hours each day. Gen used to always dare Gabe to do different things, and Gabe would act like he hated it, but still did it anyway. He was the sane one to her insanity and she was the excitement to his boredom.

But now that they’ve drifted apart and are in different houses, they barely speak to each other. She secretly still wishes she could have that again, not just with him, but with anyone. But she hasn’t found it yet. So she just keeps setting up her cameras and making her films, waiting for the moment she can start something really, truly exciting.

She’s waiting for her Big Bang.

Biggest secret: She used to be best friends with a boy in Atherton, and even now that their differences have driven them apart, she still feels for him 

Family: Mother and father are separated, but still on good terms, and she lives with her father. She has a brother that lives with her mother that she sees pretty often, since they only live across town.

Model: Chloe Grace Moretz


Taken by: emericcson123

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It took me forever to get this set done. Which is weird because usually I have the bio and everything that takes forever. But whatever. I still don't even like it that much. I"m just done now. :P

I really should be reading Lord of the Flies right now. But I don't want to doooo iiittt. Man. It's been a weird day, haha. I was so tired this morning when my parents woke me up to watch my brother. This is an actual conversation that my brain had before I passed out again for another hour.

"What times is it?" "It's Alex o'clock." "Alex isn't a time..." "Yes. It is." "No. It's not." "Well, then what time is it?" "I dunno...alex?"

I don't. Even. WHAT.

Gah. I'm done now, haha. xD

P.S. I also have Gabe's coming soon...but my father dearest wants the wifi turned off, so this is the best I can out right now. :P
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Wrote three years ago
@her-heart-attack Haha, me too (but I guess that's the point? I dunno, haha xD) I'm glad it works. And yessss. Hitchcock blondes rock. ;)

Wrote three years ago
oh my god i personally find her so easy to identify with. and i love hitchcock blondes xD

Wrote three years ago
@her-heart-attack This audition alright? :P



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