This morning we went to Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic for the Gap Friends & Family 30% off thing. I found nothing (surprise) at Gap or Banana, but Old Navy was okay. I got a really pretty Tiffany blue shirt and two cardigans, a black one and a white one. The cardigans were long overdue. I mean, who doesn't have a black cardigan? Anyways, then I got home and was inspired to clean out my closet. I had all the clothes neatly folded in garbage bags, then my mom found out and was all like "WHAT? YOU AREN'T GOING TO KEEP ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES FOREVER? I'M TICKED OFF! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" but less dramatic than that little outburst. Then I got on iTunes and bought like 15 songs, including ET by Katy Perry. I didn't know Kanye West was in it, and now I feel like I need to clean my ears out. Grr. We had the cast party for Alice in Wonderland last night, and the guy I like was there. He came over and told me what a great job I did as the assistant director. I didn't know it was possible to look that good in stage makeup. He looked just like Adam Lambert, I swear. Anyways, being in eighth grade, nobody had any idea how to dance. They just jumped and fistpumped. It couldn't have been any more stupid, but whatever. The music mostly sucked, too, but my friends were all there so it turned out to be pretty fun. Now, let me tell you about the torture I have to endure tomorrow. We're going downstairs to practice singing for the youth choir we're all being forced to be in after church. It's like, "WE SANG ALREADY! I HATE SINGING! DON'T MAKE ME SING AGAIN!" but less dramatic. The play's going to my head. I'm dramatic today.
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