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hello c:

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this is for grace's birthday contest. (this is all i post for anyone hah c: )

@moonsun17 // #Gracebirthdaycontest

Set four ☁️
• a pair of jeans [x
• a t-shirt [x]
• a quote [x]
• tag your fav account in the description [ ] this is honestly so hard because i love so many people's accounts. so i'm not going to check that one because i can't haha. @ everyone c:

oh info on this contest here; http://www.polyvore.com/gracebirthdaycontest/set?id=180018378


i'm going to post my taglist a little later cos i just posted three hours ago and i'm kinda on tag limit haha. i just made this set cos i was bored. 

but it looks kinda different with the arrows and stuff. i don't think i've ever seen a simple set with them used in this way before c:

so i've decided that i'm going to go see 5sos again . with the awful seats haha. because i want to experience going you know. like i want to be there for this tour. and there's going to be screens back there for the lawn seats and if i get there early enough then i could be in the front of the lawn and maybe actually see them hah :3 
it's weird to think about but i'll be 18 when that happens. i'll most likely have my license but i'm probably not going to be driving to a big city like that even then haha.  
so if anyone else is going to the sounds live feels like tour, comment which date you're going c:

haha, and i've been wanting to see fall out boy for awhile and i'm currently trying to get my mom to go too haha. cos she likes them too and she said something about how it would be cool to see them. i'll be 18 and going to a concert with my mom still. we  cool. 
i've actually never been to a concert with my mom before so that might be weird haha. i have always just gone with my sister.

here i am rambling about concerts again hahah :3

i need to buy some new candles. wow. 

okay, i'll tag you all later see ya c:

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have a good rest of your day. 

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see you later alligators, 
tesla, c:

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