Dakota Carstairs walked down the streets of New York City, heading home after getting some food for her and her roommate. Rosalie would be getting home around now and they would decide together what they wanted to make for dinner. Unlike Rose, Dakota had today off every week, so she was able to run the necessary errands that were needed to keep their apartment up and running.

Rosalie was heading home from her job at a local clothing store. She was tired, but she had to get enough energy to walk home, because she did not have enough money for a cab on her at the moment, because her roommate had needed the money from the last paycheck for getting food. 

Anton and Zach were hanging out outside Rosalie and Dakota's apartment, waiting for them to get home. They were going to surprise them by offering to make dinner for them, because they knew that the two of them worked really hard and were probably exhausted.
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