Dakota Carstairs walked down the streets of New York City, heading home after getting some food for her and her roommate. Rosalie would be getting home around now and they would decide together what they wanted to make for dinner. Unlike Rose, Dakota had today off every week, so she was able to run the necessary errands that were needed to keep their apartment up and running.

Rosalie was heading home from her job at a local clothing store. She was tired, but she had to get enough energy to walk home, because she did not have enough money for a cab on her at the moment, because her roommate had needed the money from the last paycheck for getting food. 

Anton and Zach were hanging out outside Rosalie and Dakota's apartment, waiting for them to get home. They were going to surprise them by offering to make dinner for them, because they knew that the two of them worked really hard and were probably exhausted.
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Wrote 4 years ago
"Jace especially" he said with a laugh, speaking of his adopted cousin with the affection of family. He had known the golden boy for years and thought him to be family as the rest of the Lightwoods did "Well then you must be god friends"
"That I am" she said with a laugh and then pulled a slip out paper out of her bag to show him the address she needed to go to, well it was actually a business card. Magnus Bane, High Warlock of Brooklyn "I'm staying at a friend's" she told him

Wrote 4 years ago
Dakota laughed softly and nodded. "That they are. It's like they go looking for trouble." She looked at him. "About three years, I think."
"Yeah, but I'm only eighteen, you you're ten times my age," he said, a slight laugh in his voice.

Wrote 4 years ago
"They're always off on some adventure" he said with a laugh. It was partly why he had come to New York. For some excitement and some independence. He figured his cousins could do that for him "How long have you known them?"
"Ah compared to some I'm not that old" she said with a small shrug and smirk and then answered what she knew would be his next question "I'm 180"

Wrote 4 years ago
She nodded and finished her pizza, setting her plate on the coffee table. "You're probably right, knowing them."
"Must be weird, thinking how long you've been around, and most people have only been around a tiny fraction of that time."

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