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Friday 6th – free day

“Sweet baby Jesus, it’s freezing outside!” I dropped my backpack and cheerleading duffel bag in the foyer, shaking the snow off my riding boots in the process.

Another boring day at school and a grueling cheer practice to get ready for nationals and I was officially done for the day. My feet dragged me into the kitchen where I could hear eighties pop music being played. 

I could barely muster up a laugh for my mother who was cleaning and dancing horrifyingly, with Mason pushing his play mop around trying to dance with her.

“Sissy!” my smile was automatic when Mason waddlesdover, jumping into my open arms and giving me Eskimo kisses.

“Hey booger, you havin’ fun dancing and cleaning with mommy?”

He nodded vigorously and I planted his feet on the ground so he could continue to dance around the kitchen. I on the other hand used up any energy I had left and dropped myself into the nearest chair.

“Long day sweetie?” 


She gave me a sympathetic look that would’ve normally pissed me off but I knew she probably went through worse when she was younger. Our living room was filled with her academic, sport, and cheer awards along with my father’s football stuff from back in the day.

“Well how about you take a nap and I’ll wake you for dinner. You can get your homework done after okay?”

I knew I had no intention of doing homework tonight but I nodded like her idea was golden and trudged upstairs. 

I was out like a light the moment my head hit the pillow and it seemed like I was only asleep for two minutes before I felt someone shaking my shoulder.


“Cassie get up, some boy brought you a present!” I cracked one eye open to see my mother smiling at me like the lunatic that she is. 

I was equal parts pissed that she woke me up and curious as to who would leave me a present.

Sitting up I signaled for the gift and she placed it onto my lap, sitting on the edge of my bed and eying it excitedly.

“I guess I’ll be doing this with an audience then,” I was always a bit grouchy when I woke up but I stamped it down when I saw her warning glare.

“I just wanna see what it is and then I’ll leave you alone.”

The box was wrapped in a bright pink and black patterned paper with a sleek black bow tied to it. As I slowly unwrapped it I felt myself getting a little excited too, I mean it wasn’t everyday that boys were leaving gifts at my door.

As soon as I saw the lavender and gold Ladurée Macaron box that was underneath, the shriek that left my mouth was echoed my mothers gasp of surprise.

“You can’t get these anywhere near here, they don’t even ship these!”

I nodded distractedly, opening the top to reveal eight perfectly delicious raspberry macaroons. “The only shop in the US is in New York.” I could hear my mother blabbering on and on as she left the room, but I tried to tune her out as I thought about who would actually buy me expensive Parisian treats. 

After about five minutes of going over every guy I had ever hooked up with I was just as clueless as before and decided that maybe a little nibble of a cookie would help jog my memory. 

“So freakin’ good,” A nibble turned into me devouring three cookies before I realized there was a note under the box.

‘By now you’ve probably gone through half the box but I hope you leave room for dinner. I’ll pick you up at 7’
- Garrett 

The contrast of the beautiful note card and his chicken scratch, along with what he wrote left me giggling happily like I always did when something had to do with him. 

That was until I saw the time that read six on the dot.

After a string of made up curses I flew out of my room and into the bath for a quick shower before standing in front of my surprisingly empty closet.

“Mom, what the hell, where are all my clothes?” I knew I was close to screeching but Garrett would be knocking on my door soon and I couldn’t care less how I sounded.

“Oh honey all your clothes are in the wash right now, why?”

I stamped my foot, growled, let out more made up curses and about five minutes later I still didn’t feel any calmer but throwing a tantrum was not an option.

“Okay, okay I can figure this out.” Mumbling to myself I tore through my dressers till I found an acceptable skirt and sweater. I knew there was no hope for my wet hair with such a small time frame so I pulled it into a top knot to dry and moved on to my makeup. 

Just as I swiped on my last coat of lip gloss I heard the doorbell ring followed by shuffling and muffled voices. There was no way I was leaving Garrett downstairs with my father for longer than a minute so I slipped on some flats, grabbed my coat and wristlet and was down the stairs in seconds.

“Yeah well let’s hope next year we’ll get a better season!” Seeing my father and Garrett laughing while my mother looked on, all smiles, was a surreal experience that I really didn’t want to dwell in.

“I’m ready!”

All six pairs of eyes swiveled my way but in that weird girlish way, I only saw Garrett and his incredible smile. My parents thankfully left the room and then it was just us two standing in silence. 

“You look gorgeous.” 

It was strange how a compliment you hear daily sounds so different from the right person.

“Thanks, you look great too.” And he did, he always did. He smirked devilishly and offered me his arm.

“Shall we?” 


“You know you never told me how you got the cookies.” We were sitting at 1776 Steakhouse, done with our dinner and desert and doing something we never did before.

Just talk.

“Well I remember you telling me that you loved them when you went to New York this summer so when my dad asked what I wanted from the city, since he was out there on business, I told him I wanted the cookies.”

It was by far the most romantic thing anyone had done for me, hands down.

“I didn’t even know you were listening to me when I told you that.”

He faked offence. “Hey, I listen to everything you say!”

“Yeah, well you could’ve fooled me.”

There was a beat of awkward silence that had me instantly regretting my big mouth.

“Listen Garrett, I’m sorr-” All of a sudden his lips were on mine, pulling away only after I got over my shock and kissed him back.

“Stop, it’s not your fault, it’s mine.” I was completely confused but signaled for him to continue. “I never told you that I liked you, not just hooking up with you, but just being with you.”

“Really?” I tried not to sound too pathetic or needy but this whole experience was out of the norm for me. 

I mean I went on dates but it was usually to the movies where we’d hook up, or to a house party to hook up.

He stroked my cheek slowly, staring into my eyes intently. “Yes really, and I’m thinking we should do this the right way.”

I nodded tentatively, not really sure what he meant.

“Do you know what I mean?”

“Not particularly,” He laughed and I couldn’t really find it in me to be annoyed.

“I’m asking you to be my girlfriend.” 

I looked into his eyes to see if he wasn’t just joking with me. “Really?”

“You gunna keep asking that?” I nodded, my smile growing wider by the minute. “Are you saying yes to the last question or yes you’ll be my girlfriend.

By then we we’re both smiling goofily. 

“Yes, I’ll be you’re girlfriend.”


Hello. My name is Farah and I have a problem with ending all my stories with a cheesy ending. SOMEONE HELP ME!
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