30 Day Character Challenge: I may combine a few since I want to get this done before she goes to college. Some of them are kind of short but there isn't always a lot to explain. 

Day 19 – Something you regret, in great detail 
• What happened, with who, where, when, why do you regret it
My regret is something that seems ridiculous, even though it is serious, but ridiculous because I don’t do much to change it. My regret is hiding my sexuality all these years. Although if I hadn’t I could be saying that I wished I had kept it a secret. It is a tricky situation but it would be nice if I was open with everyone about it. 

Day 20 – Something you’d change about yourself, in great detail
• Is it physical or something deeper, what made you chose this, why do you feel this way
This goes along with Day 19. I wish I had more confidence in myself and not second guess what I do most of the time. I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin but I am still working on that part of me.
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