I like this set much better now:) Added the words. Pretty tightttt.

Awww man this set sucks. It took me for-eva! But its all right because we got out early today:) I got home a little before 1! I should have gotten home at like 12:30 but my dad was late:/ cant wait until I get my liscence. Cant wait til I learn to spell...lol

Im pretty sure the movie Easy-A was pretty much made for me. Im so excited to see it.

I STILL havent talked to the boy. Im really about to give up. Whenever I cant talk to him (like this morning when I was late for class!) I see him then have to ignore him but when Im actually able and ready to talk to him I cant find him. I wish we had the same lunch period or something!

Im so happy for Erin:) She has a gooood guy thats intersted in her. And hes a sophmore:)

Dude! AcDec is getting personolized snuggies:) in addition to great depression t shirts. WoopWoop!

Gotta to French homework and study for Acdec, gotta math test tomorrow
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