~my love for you is...~
@stay-beautiful13 laura,i know we just been on one date but im falling hard for you- George
ashton,baby i cant wait to marry and for our baby to be born its going to be a daddys girl watch!-kayla
@just-us-guy-anons gavin,i love you so so much babe youre my star-gavin
cam i cant wait to be with you forever i love you-ash.x
@sexy-teens mara! omg i think i like LOVE you! youre so cute and funny-kate
@sheepgirl11 will,i love you like the sun loves the star i cant wait to start my family with you-edward
@falling0in0reverse0anon0soldiers jake,baby i love you....forever-kyle
@acaciacutiexo oreos,i love you so so so much thank you for being here for me-cam
@anons-are-my-thing carly,thank you for being the besties friend ever i love you-nash
@harry-styles-an0n baby,i love you so much,i cant wait for our wedding and this baby to come so we have our family we wanted,i still remember how we first met,i love you-richy
@emmamalik2287 hi baby,i just want to say i love you so so much i cant wait to have
@we-are-the-ones-you-forgot baby, i love you so much thank you for being here for me-emma
@xxinfinity-anonsxx kyle im so happy we are together,being happy im so happy we started pur family together and watchign james get big-luke
@vanessahudgensan0-n liam,im so fvckin happy i got to marry you! and start my family with you.Thank you for loving me forever-cal.

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