"Maddie! Where have you been?" Ari asked, as I took a seat next to her. 

I pressed my fingers on my temples, "Home...I haven't been feeling too well lately"

She looks at me, worried. "No...drugs...right?"

I laughed a little, "Of course not"

"Ookay, just making sure! Then what's wrong, babe?"

"I don't know...I've just been getting these massive headaches"

"Perhaps it's from keeping so much things to yourself," Ari took a sip of her cocktail. "It's not 'bad', to let things out, you know"

"I guess...but I just...don't really want to talk about it, okay?" I say, as I shut my eyes close.

"Maybe what's good for you, is taking a trip home" She suggested.

"No...I don't want to. Maybe it IS good for me, but I don't WANT to go" I stated. 

"Why not? Your family is all there, Christian, just everyone"

"I know, but no! I can't handle all that right now. I just want to stay here, in Dubai"

Ari nodded, "But remember, if you ever wanna spill, I'm all ears"

"I know, and I appreciate it" I smiled. "Soo, what are you drinking?"

"This amazing raspberry cocktail...want me to order one for you?"

I nodded up and down quickly, "Please - alcohol is what I need!"

"Sounds like it," She agreed.

I took a glance at my phone, as she ordered. I pressed ignore to all my messages - wasn't in the mood.

"Hey, so how's Chris? Haven't seen him in a while" I changed the subject.

"Oh, I know. He and I are just both busy. You'll see him soon enough"

"Your lucky"


"You have someone to rely on" I answered.

"You have people too!"

I chuckled, "I know. I guess I am a lucky girl after all"

"Luck's got nothin' to do with it" She winked.
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