i saw this on @recklesswh0re 's profile, and decided to reblog, because it so d.amn true. 

"Miley defends homosexuality, she gets hate. Miley helps in Haiti, she gets hate. Miley wears a short dress, she gets hate. Miley wears a long dress, she gets hate. Miley ignores paparazzi, she gets hate. Miley tells paparazzi off, she gets hate. Miley says she’s not a rolemodel, she gets hate. Miley tries to be a rolemodel, she gets hate. She gets hate for being a good person. She gets hate for defending her little sister against paparazzi. She gets hate for teaching us lessons on life. What is it that you want? Are you so desperate to bring a teenage girl down by hating on her from behind your computer? Why? Just so you can say: “I told you so!” if she breaks down? Does that make you proud? You’re pathetic."

stop bringing other people down so you can feel better about yourself, have compassion, because they have feelings that are easily hurt!
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